As digitalization has captured all the arenas and live streaming came into existence, a large number of OTT platforms came into existence. Video streaming companies are facing some serious competition from niche OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar.

Are you searching for the best online streaming services for your daily dose of entertainment? It has been observed from quite some time, that the content provided on these platforms gets an overwhelming response from users, and millions across the world love it.

With a vivid variety of options out there, selecting the online best streaming service is a little tricky task to do. It becomes even more complicated when you need to choose from the most famous names from the OTT platform. Amazon Prime and Netflix are the two most prominent and leading video streaming services in India currently. Both trending video streaming companies, broadcast high-definition videos with fantastic original content and have engaging audiences worldwide that love to watch and subscribe.

As more and more video streaming platforms are emerging, two giants of the OTT industry have been in a fierce battle to take the lead. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime comes with specific merits and demerits. Considering certain points before opting for a subscription of the best streaming video provider online will be of great help.

Let’s discuss specific parameters of top live streaming operations Netflix & Amazon Prime, which will help you to decide the champion of the live streaming war.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime, A Battle of Two Giants:

1. Price of Subscription Plan Plays a Great Role –

 Price plays a significant role in yet anything and is one of the most critical factors that affect decision making when it comes to select a product or service. Talking about the subscription plans of Amazon Prime and Netflix, both offer one month or 30 days free trial period. But there is a difference in the price of top live streaming operations.

Indian audience will consider cost before opting for a subscription. Amazon prime is much more economical in terms of financial budget as it offers an annual and monthly subscription of Rs 999 and Rs 129 respectively. If we compare it with Netflix, it is quite expensive than Amazon Prime. Netflix does not have any annual plans to offer its users. It offers monthly subscription plans and divided into three Basic ideas, Standard Plan and Premium Plan costing Rs 500, Rs 650 & Rs 800 per month respectively.

Netflix recently launched a monthly Rs 199 plan, which is only applicable in India, but mobiles and tablets only support it. It only has SD content and does not even support downloads. If the budget is your only concern, then opting for Amazon Prime is the online best streaming services. 

2. Additional Services Gain Audience Attention –

Leading video streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime broadcast high-definition videos to gain audience attention. But any broadcast services that provide any additional services catches an audience eye and hits the charts of popularity. A regular viewer of Netflix or Amazon prime must be aware of other benefits and broadcast services after subscribing to one of the most popular OTT platforms.

Netflix’s additional feature depends on the plan you choose. The Premium Plan of Netflix includes all the elements along with four screens and an Ultra HD viewing facility.

The basic doesn’t include HD and Ultra HD viewing plus and the standard plan allows HD viewing and two screens to broadcast high-definition videos.

Amazon Prime moves a step ahead with its membership plan when we through light on its additional benefits. Amazon Prime membership offers you ad-free music and unlimited free and fast delivery along with specific deals from Amazon e-commerce website. Other services will increase the subscribers of the OTT platforms and help the platform to be the most popular video streaming services that will be loved by millions.

3. Content is Everything –

 Content is everything and comes first when we talk about video live streaming and storage providers. If the content on the OTT platform is not worth to watch, all the other good factors will face a downfall without good quality content. To make a buzz and to trend, the crucial step for any OTT platform is that the audience should love the material available.

Video live streaming and storage providers, both Amazon Prime and Netflix offer broadcast solutions and upload original content regularly. They broadcast high-definition videos and offer thousands of licensed movies, series, shows & documentaries to watch.

Netflix has been offering more original content with a diverse range of genres, which is the main reason for its intense popularity. The most popular program on Netflix, such as House of Cards, Stranger Things, Narcos, etc. has taken Netflix to a different level altogether and increased its reach as well as popularity.

Amazon Prime too holds its ground and offers a vast library of Hollywood films, but many of them are unpopular and old. It even provides original content by delivering series like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jack Ryan, and The Man in the High Castle. Amazon Prime also offers Indian and regional movies for Indian viewers, which attracts a more localized audience and much more.

Conclusion –

 If you are a lover of International content, Netflix would be a better platform for user experience because of its production value and valuable online shows. If the budget is your primary concern, then Amazon Prime fits well in your sphere. Both video streaming companies offer relevant content.

It entirely depends on your taste, which OTT platform attracts you the most. More and more valuable content is being displayed on the most popular video streaming services making it difficult for viewers to select one.



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