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How Good Is This Reasonable Web Host?

Imagine that you have bought a big home where there is unlimited space for you to keep your clothes, utensils, books and other storage material. Even after adjusting all your household materials there is still more space left. This space can be used to store your other materials such as some furniture, your coffee table, toys of your children, or you may utilize this space for your home business if you do one. 

You might be wondering why am I talking so much about space and also started with the same. Actually, my point here is to explain that we all love unlimited space. You have so many benefits of having unlimited space.

Similar is the case with your website, if you get unlimited space, resources, bandwidth, etc. your website will work smoothly and you can cater maximum visitors. This type of hosting in which you can reap the benefits of unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited database, unlimited email accounts, etc. is called unlimited web hosting.

There are several benefits of unlimited web hosting as below:

Host Multiple Domains under a Single Account

Your IT infrastructure needs to adjust as per your customers’ and brand’s requirements. In case you develop a new website or buy a new domain, you shouldn’t need to face any IT friction. Accessing your webmaster account and setting up the new page instantly without need to face any troubles should be possible for you.

Unlimited hosting offers this level of usability. Your business gets the ability to adjust the web pages and domains used often without needing to face the technical hurdles.

Add Extra Domains Without Paying Extra

Many times businesses need to pay extra for adding new domains. But this isn’t the case with unlimited domain hosting. You just need to pay the charges for your account and then can expand as per your needs. 

It acts as a boon for any business and particularly for ecommerce companies. You can add thousands of new product pages with unlimited hosting, without worrying about increasing additional website charges.

Complete Control Over Your Domains

You are given access to powerful management tools that can be used to control all of your domains. Features such as WHOIS management, DNS management, parked domains, domain registration and transfer services are offered with this hosting. Additionally, you get low-cost bandwidth upgrades and ID protection.

Get Unlimited Bandwidth 

Prior to some years, web hosting with unlimited bandwidth was just a dream. But today enhancements in server technology have made this possible. You get super-fast internet connections and SSD storage for your website to serve pages to thousands of concurrent users at high speed, even if they are loaded with heavy data.

Set Limits in Advance

You get the freedom to add as many domains or pages as you want to within your assigned limits. For instance, web hosting companies give you an agreed storage space quantity on their server or monthly traffic amount.

Now, after checking the benefits of unlimited web hosting, it is confirmed that unlimited hosting can help your website to manage high traffic at some times. Let’s check the web host that offers best unlimited web hosting features at reasonable prices.

MilesWeb Overview

MilesWeb was started with an aim to offer enhanced web hosting services at affordable prices. The company was launched in 2012 in India and since then has helped several businesses to lead the competition in different niches. You will find shared, VPS, unlimited reseller hosting, dedicated, cloud and WordPress hosting apart from unlimited web hosting with them.

They offer the best uptime of 99.95% in the industry with their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters. Additionally, their customer support team is experts in resolving your issues instantly and is available via emails and live chat. If you aren’t happy with their service, you can ask for the refund within 30 days of the service purchase and they will surely return the money to you.

Unlimited Web Hosting Plans

Key Features

  • Get Your Domain Registered for Free
  • Migrate for Free
  • Secure Your Website with SSL
  • Build Your Website
  • Faster Storage with SSDs
  • Secure Email Accounts
  • Easy to Use cPanel
  • Install Applications Easily
  • Get Your Account Setup Instantly
  • Latest PHP and MySQL
  • Select Your Datacenter
  • Scan and Remove Malware

Customer Reviews

Awards Earned


Unlimited web hosting offers you so many benefits and you can manage multiple domains from a single account. This saves your costs on purchasing another hosting solution for your new domain. Also, you can see that MilesWeb’s unlimited web hosting plans cater you with all the essential features that should be offered by any unlimited web host. So, wait not more and sign up for their unlimited web hosting plans.

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  1. I am a longtime user of MilesWeb Hosting. Excellent hosting experience with MilesWeb. They provide good plans at cheaper rates. Their support team is very crucial to handling Customer’s technical queries. I had an issue with my website and it was resolved very quickly by the technical team of milesweb. Highly recommended!

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