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Web Hosting service is a critical component in running a successful website or a blog. You can pick from a variety of WordPress hosting options in India and abroad that are listed below.

  • Shared WordPress hosting
  • Free WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting
  • VPS WordPress hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting

A VPS is a step up from web hosting. In cheap kvm vps hosting, you can share your server resource with other wordpress sites. It makes more system resources available to subscribers.

There are several affordable and cheap WordPress hosting plans in India and abroad that are available for use in your WordPress blog or website. However, it is quite a difficult task to pick the right one. This article acts as a guide to help you in making the right choice amongst the several available WordPress hosting in India.

WordPress System Requirements

  • 5.0 version or greater of MySQL 
  • 5.2.4 version or higher of PHP
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WordPress 3.1 version’s minimum system requirements are MySQL 4.1.2 and PHP 4.3. However, experts recommend that you use the latest WordPress version. If you are looking for the most powerful web servers, Nginx and Apache are highly recommended.

WordPress is popular globally including India. It also has a very big community and you can find a lot of plugins and customizations. When you buy the managed WordPress hosting you should ensure the good WordPress hosting provider in India, it can rapidly improve your company sales through improvement in SEO. However, when you use WordPress on any server that has a version of MySQL PHP, the functions are pre-installed in it.

Factors to Consider While Picking a WordPress Hosting Provider

Also, if you start your wordpress hosting business then ssd reseller hosting is one of the best hosting service to get faster and secure service as you kind to manage.

Security, speed, and reliability are some of the significant factors that you need to consider when you pick a WordPress hosting provider in India. However, the essential things to consider while choosing a WordPress hosting provider are your needs and requirements.

You can save lakhs of Rupees by just evaluating your requirements and needs before picking the WordPress hosting provider. Let us have a look at each type of WordPress hosting through which you can analyze which model would suit your requirements the best.

Types of WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress Hosting

If you are a beginner or own a small business, shared WordPress hosting is the best choice for you. It is available at a pretty affordable rate and serves as the best starting point for all those people who are new to blogging.

In shared WordPress hosting, a large server is shared by you with other sites. Since there are multiple sites on the same server, it is available at an affordable rate. However, when your website takes up a noticeable server load, you will be asked to upgrade your account.

Free WordPress Hosting

Generally, this type of hosting is offered by small groups or in some online forums. In Free WordPress Hosting, often, an individual owner of a server sells part of the server space to cover some revenue.

Often the catch behind such a concept is that you will need to post their ad banners on your site. They cover up free server space costs and gain profits by doing this. The biggest downside of picking such hosting is that it is highly unreliable.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

In such a type of WordPress hosting, a physical server can be leased from the provider. This way, you would have total control over the server. If you are starting, you do not require a dedicated server.

However, once the traffic on your site increases significantly, you will have to shift to a dedicated server. 

VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server WordPress hosting is a way in which a physical server computer is partitioned into multiple servers as per the needs and requirements of the customer. Although you are sharing this type of server with others, it still gives you almost the same amount of control as a dedicated server.

This option is most suitable for blogs with high traffic, a business of medium size, and aspiring developers and designers.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Since a large number of people use WordPress daily, there are many hosting providers who have started offering managed WordPress hosting. If you opt for an account with such a provider, you will be allowed to host only the sites based on WordPress.

The most significant benefit of opting for a managed WordPress hosting is that you do not need to worry about anything at all. The provider of such a server will optimize your site’s performance, ensure the security of your website, and also create and store regular backups of the data on your site.


Now that you have a clue about the different types of WordPress hosting, you can make the right choice. Web Hosting Pad is a well-known company that offers comprehensive WordPress hosting at an affordable rate.

We have a robust hosting platform that can be great for your site. You can pick any of the plans according to your needs and requirements and be assured that you have made the right choice by selecting us.


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