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A few decades back, we knew nothing about emails; but today, we surely do. Technology has moved faster than time. And we all thought time travel is not possible.

CEOs are concerned whether their marketing will continue garnering limelight.

There’s a catch to making marketing flourish. This catch is to change with the change and to adopt the trend to become a trend. Put, adopt future technologies at an earlier stage, and reap benefits forever.

When it comes to “reaping benefits,” some organizations made a fortune with emails. But yes, they were those who pioneered into email marketing early and deployed novel techniques, which finally worked, and these startups are now valued in billions.

Only last week, I spoke to one of the marketing managers in my firm, who, very correctly said.

“You cannot rely on just one marketing tool all your life; after all, marketing is not your wife.” 

It is at that moment I realized the importance of refurbishing our marketing with new tools.

So, here, in this blog, we will present you with some innovations that companies have started incorporating with their email marketing. So, if you happen to be a business or an individual relying on emails for business, try dabbling with one of these innovations and see how it works for you.

Five years hence, what will marketing with emails look like?

Artificial Intelligence

Is there a place where we talk of the future without mentioning Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

With AI, a lot of decisions and campaign planning to become automated. So, ‘what mail is to be sent and to whom?’ will be decided by the computer with little human interference.

AI will pitch the product to the correct client, ensuring a better business conversion. As of now, marketers send emails to every address on their list without considering whether the product will be useful to the client or not. Thus, not very surprisingly, women have reported receiving emails from eCommerce websites selling beard oils.

But with AI, there’s more that we can leverage, apart from selling just beard oils. 

Tuning subject line with AI

Websites that are almost always flooded with traffic boast of a great subject in their email.

It takes a lot of experimentation and analysis to choose a subject line that encourages the receiver to click through and read the email. If personalized, subject lines can also offer a better CTR (click-through rate). However, with current techniques, writing customized emails, and the subject will be an incredible milestone to set because a single campaign has over a million recipients, literally.

AI, on the other hand, can write several subject lines at once, and analyze which one has a better CTR and optimize other subjects, too, over time.

Real-time triggered messages

With more and more applications seeking location-access, real-time location tracking and email delivery system will become a norm.

So, if a customer passes by your store, it will make more sense to throw a deal or a discounted offer to that customer. Also, if a customer at a store is only browsing select sections and hasn’t explored the newer ones, he can be made aware of that by triggering the system to deliver texts to his phone.

With real-time emails, emails will be more personalized than ever before; hence will achieve a better click-through.

We can unlock more CTRs if real-time delivery can be combined with weather prediction.

Weather prediction and email marketing

Say, a prospect is on-board a flight and is traveling to some colder areas of the country. You can remind him to buy sweaters or coats, and send GPS-coordinates of outlets near him.

Personalized Call-to-action tools

Many people are a skeptic of how apparel would look on them and are hence reluctant to buy online.

A more reasonable approach would be to immerse the product image – say apparel, or sunglass – with the client’s vision, to give her a free look on how the product will fit her. 

Seeing a great fit with the product, a client is more likely to buy it even if he isn’t into that market.

Coming to Call-to-actions (CTAs) via email

If I look at my inbox, more than half the promotions are worthless, let alone the idea of buying from them. The remaining half I might consider buying from are also loquacious call-to-actions selling products I could live without.

A personalized CTA, on an average, performs twice as efficiently as a necessary call to action. Why is it so? Because your email is serving content that interests the users and reflects their knowledge.

Cloud server hosting & dynamic content delivery

We all know what dynamic website is, right?

Well. Just like dynamic websites, there are dynamic emails (still a concept, though) that refresh their content now and then. So every time you open an email, a new subject will appear – one, you wouldn’t have read before.

To achieve a dynamic content delivery system, we will need a centralized server that can offer easy collaboration and data sharing from a central node. 

The advent of cloud servers followed cheap email hosting services. Once cloud computing came into existence, dynamic email, which then existed only as a philosophy, became an achievable concept.

Cloud server hosting will become vital, given that the distribution of live content will rely on it.

Takeaway points

We wind up this article with the following bullets:

  • Artificial Intelligence will lead decision-making and personalization of subject-lines
  • Real-time alerts will compel customers into buying by throwing lucrative deals in real-time.
  • Cloud servers will pave the way for cheap email hosting, and these two will combine to steer dynamic emails into reality.

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