Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

Investing efforts and money on your website without making the content unique will not be beneficial for you in any aspect.

Suppose you have a lot of content on your website and you are running this platform for a long time, but you add a copied article once on the website.

It will leave a bad mark on your page and Google will devalue your website in no time that will directly lead to a decline in traffic.

Quality is the main thing that increases the worth of your page and helps to attract more audiences to the page.

If a Search Engine detects something wrong in the text that is taken from any other source without permission, you may get penalized.

To escape this factor and get good rankings on search engines, it is necessary to provide your audience with exclusive content.

If you provide value to the audience, google will provide value to your content and will up rank you on search engines.

But if you are not following the policies of google you can face troubles regarding the worth of your website.

What is plagiarized content?

When you copy the data of other authors and use it in the content without their permission, google counts it as plagiarism.

This factor is banned by every search engine as you are wasting the time of users using copied data in the content.

No matter that plagiarism is intentional or unintentional, google will penalize you by devaluing the content and decreasing your page rank.

To escape these punishments, it is necessary to remove plagiarism from the text and make it 100% unique.

How can we detect plagiarism in the article?

Before publishing the article on your website, it is necessary to remove plagiarism from the content to make it more striking.

Writers can get help from a plagiarism detector that will take out copied data from the content. Users can change those lines and edit the text to get a Plagiarism free Article.

These online tools match the provided content on the search engine with the related articles. If any copied line is detected in the text, they highlight that part.

So, it makes it easy for the writers to renew the text by removing those lines and making the text free of duplication.

How copied data affect website rankings?

Several factors can affect the worth of a website and stop it to get good ratings on search engines.

Plagiarism is one of them that can affect the rankings on search engines and make you weak against your competitors.

When you are providing exclusive content to the readers and giving value to their time, the search engine will like this aspect.

Otherwise, all the investment on your website will be in vain and you may lose the wroth at the online platform and lose your traffic.

Here we will discuss some major aspects that can happen after using copied data in the articles.

Confuse Search Engine Crawler

When you use copied content in the article, you are dodging google and your audience that is prohibited by search engines.

Google will punish you over this act and may de-rank your content that will directly lead to a decrease in the traffic on your page.

The only thing is that if you are trying to confuse the google crawler, it will simply ignore the content and give it negative ratings.

These crawlers work on algorithms that are different from the human brain, so if any complicated or copied line comes in the way, the crawler will simply devalue that content.

So, you need to write an authentic article that is easy to understand and has no plagiarism.

Else, you will face penalties by google and lose the volume of traffic on your website that will directly affect your revenue.

Affects the quality of content

A visitor will prefer quality over quantity either you are selling a mobile phone or publishing an article on your website.

The first thing they will look at is the quality that you are providing in the article. If you are using plagiarized content in your writing, they will leave the page very soon.

Duplicated data in the article decreases the quality of content that directly affects the brand reputation and declines the traffic.

Some writers use a tactic to add quoted lines in the article. It can have a bad impact on the content you are providing to the reader – they can get it on Wikipedia.

They are here to know your point of view about a product. Copied data will force them to leave your page.

Make the content quality better by adding authentic lines in it with a proper reason that can give benefit the reader.

Decline in traffic

Building trust at an online platform is very difficult. You have to provide content with reliable reasons to your customers so they can trust you.

And if you are providing them with copied content that is taken from other sources, you are giving them a reason to leave your page and never trust you again.

And the graph of traffic will go down once they found copied data in the content. To engage the readers and get more traffic you need to generate high-quality unique articles.

When you will provide real content to the audience, they will give a positive response on the website and prefer your page every time to get new information.

Tips to avoid plagiarism in the content

It takes a lot of time to rank the website and gain traffic on the page. And if you lose the traffic due to plagiarized content in the article, it will be very disappointing for you.

All the efforts and time you invested on the website will be in vain when it gets de-ranked by google on search engine.

So, users must avoid this factor and make their text free of duplication so the worth of the website may get increased on the online platform.

Before publishing the content, make a proofread and check if there is an error that is left by mistake. Remove those errors and perfectly present your text.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the writers to write on the same topic repeatedly. Here they can take help from online paraphrasing tools.

These tools can spin the entire content and make it different from the original one.

In the last, put your content in the plagiarism tool and check for the plagiarized content in the article. If duplication is found in the content, remove those lines and make the text unique.

These are some major tips that can help you to remove copied content and make your text exclusive.

Bottom lines

Watching the website getting de-ranked on search engines may hurt you. It is due to the plagiarized content that is present in your articles.

Before publishing the content on a website, it is important to take out the copied context from it and make the content free of plagiarism.

Otherwise, it will leave a bad impact on the website’s ranking and will decline your page traffic drastically.

We have provided some tips in this article that can help the users to remove duplicated content from the text and make it unique for the readers.

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