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Instagram followers

Are you struggling with your instagram account? Striving day in and day out to boost your instagram followers digits?

You have landed at the right place. We realize striking the first 1k followers on instagram is literally tough.

Obviously, you’re new to the market. You aren’t aware of the “Do’s and Don’ts”. You would probably be searching for the relevant information to enhance your business, by increasing the number of followers. So take it from the ” instagram whiz”. 

Check out this blog! You will find the most approachable hacks to hit the first 1k on your Instagram in the shortest possible time period. Period!

1# Choose a niche and stick to it

Before even getting into the discussion of how to boost followers, you need to acknowledge the fact that discrete content won’t let you go further in the run. 

Like yesterday, you posted a video with a baby giggling and today you are going for a live video about, how to make a croissant? No way dude! there is no connection.

Try to be more niche-specific with your posts. Let them see that you have a plan, that you are taking them somewhere in the future. Your posts should revolve around your subject. If you’re a beauty/fashion blogger, try generating or creating the content related to beauty or fashion. This will lead to more corresponding followers.

2# Post according to your audience’s availability

Obviously, you would want to reach the maximum number of active users to spread your word and make your profile grow. And for this purpose, you need to post your content at peak hours. You can perceive the peak hours by evaluating the time of utmost engagement on your posts. Just upload your content according to the high hours and BAMM! *Followers surge*.

3# Exchange shout outs with your co-influencers

Never underestimate the power of shout outs. Study the market and sort out a few influencers or marketers that have the same nook as yours. Build terms with them and ask them to give you a shoutout. This tactic has shown to be a game-changer in increasing followers. If the fellow influencer has a bigger community there is a good chance that you will get at least 30 to 50 followers per shoutout. *not bad right?* 

Now it’s your turn to return the favour, you will have to give them a shout out too and that’s how it works.

4# Sponsor giveaways from time to time

Giveaways help a lot in instagram journey. If you have products of your own, set up an online event and send it to your most active and occupying members. If you don’t have a product of your own, collaborate with other businesses in your niche and make a deal with them. In this way, both of you will get coverage and? ” followers”.

5# Utilize your ultimate weapon ” The Hashtags”

Instagram is all about hashtags, just like google make use of keywords to optimize the search engine, Instagram optimisation is done through hashtags. 

For instance, if you’re a resin furniture corporation, you should search and make a list of the top trending insta hashtags like #resin, #resin_art, #resin_artist instead of going for your company name in the hashtags. Doing this will make you visible to a wide spectrum of audience.

Also, don’t restrict your hashtags to a little number, go crazy with hashtagging and see the magic.

6# Put yourself out there but in a unique manner 

“In a world full of stars, be a moon”. Try to come up with something unusual. In this era where innovations have a whole different league. You don’t need to be a lowbrow, create something that will amaze your audience and get ready to be the “talk of the town”.

7# Do communicate with your followers  

Be it your instagram stories or be it your post descriptions, tell your community who you are. Tell them about your likes, dislikes, interests, your passions and your journey that made you an influencer. Make the most of your instagram stories. People stick to you when you’re emotionally available to them. Reach out to their DMs, listen to them, engage with them. Doing this will build trust between you and your community and your community will grow in the long run.

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