It is very important for the users or individuals to know that HTML Email Template or Plain text which performs better? Which provide high conversion rates and generate more leads? These are the basic questions, or you can say aspects which the individuals should know properly before start dealing with the same.

Firstly, let’s discuss a plain text email. These are just the portions of the text which users get in their email box. In these, there are no images, formatting, links, tracking, media and CTA buttons. As states from the name that is plain text, so it means simple or plain. 

On the other side, now it comes to the HTML Email. These HTML templates are good in media elements, decorative and interactive. In these templates, individuals find everything they want ranges from the classic animated gifs to stunning call-to-actions buttons. The same type of emails consists of CSS and HTML mark-up styles that look totally like digital flyers and web pages.

Which one is better among them?

Now, as users know the basics and purpose of plain text and HTML email templates, so it is necessary for them to know which one is the best among them and why? To know which one is the best and why one can simply go with the best source or site only, i.e. generic HTML email templates. Such sites contain information about all essential things relates to HTML email templates that users should read, understand and then work accordingly.

Not only is this, but there are also many other sources present by which users get the entire information about HTML email templates and plain texts. They only have to go to reviews that are present online related to these aspects. Also, by the making of reviews, users become able to know how to use HTML email templates or plain texts properly. Also, after then, they easily know the advantages of plain texts or HTML email templates.

Advantages of HTML Email Newsletters

Below are mentioned some main advantages of HTML email newsletters. Individuals need to know them properly and then use the HTML email templates or newsletters in an appropriate manner.

  • Formatted content – users easily arrange everything in sections, columns and blocks, so the users easily scan the entire content and get what they require quickly.
  • Rich media – when you make use of HTML email newsletters then you get animated gifs, images and videos or audios are included. The major thing users should remember that a picture is a thousand times more than words.
  • Modern look – as you know that people these days like trends, so when in HTML email templates, you simply get good results. It contains beautiful layouts, modern graphics, multimedia, and many other things as well. Once the users visit it, they become permanent to it.  

So, these are the main benefits that all the users and individuals should know properly and then make use of full or appropriate use of HTML email templates or newsletters.

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