Experiential marketing solutions have flourished ever since its existence. When compared to traditional ways of advertising, experiential marketing has the potential of engaging a more extensive audience base. With the evolving trend of digitalization, consumers are connecting with brands through live streaming and experiential marketing technology. Live events help brands to reach their audience in a much better way while building a customer-brand relationship.

With the changing dynamics of advertising and marketing, businesses and brands are inclining more towards experiential marketing technology, for better growth. A survey reports that 96% of consumers are more inclined to make a purchase decision after a brand opts for experiential marketing technology.

With each passing day, an enormous rise in experiential marketing has been noticed. Brands are inclining towards experiential technology for activations and are executing successful campaigns. It helps in reaching a large number of target audiences with the help of interactive technology solutions.

However, some marketers fail during the process of experiential activations as they are not aware of the basic guidelines of experiential marketing solutions to execute a successful campaign. If it’s a first experiential marketing campaign that is undertaken by a brand, then they are sure to face some hurdles during the process.

Some brands are not on point and fail badly due to common mistakes that occurred by marketers during the implementation of an experiential marketing campaign. Let’s discuss some common mistakes that you should avoid to ensure a successful experiential marketing campaign.

Some Common Mistakes Made by a Brand During Experiential Marketing: 


1. Not Having Any Strategy or Planning –

The first step that counts while planning any brand activation strategy is to determine its goals and objectives. Using experiential technology for activations in a correct manner can help your brand a notch higher than competitors. You should be aware of your target audience and the right platform to reach them at the right time. Before choosing experiential technology for events, a marketer must plan a proper strategy to make a brand campaign success. The rise and fall of a marketing campaign entirely depend on proper planning and strategy. Strategic planning and research is a must before you design your brand activation event.

2. The Message Is Not Delivered In a Clear & Concise Manner –

Every brand activation has an objective with a standard message that needs to be delivered to the target audience. Implementing experiential technology for activations is a cool idea in the current trend of digitalization and live streaming. However, it’s not enough alone to get your message delivered to the target audience. A bright, concise message should be conveyed through your brand story. It must not be too complicated, which made it difficult for the audience to connect with the brand. Interactive technology solutions are opted by any brand to make it more likable to the audience and trend on social media platforms with discussions all around. Exceptional marketing efforts and clear messages can help your brand to make its impact.

3. Not Able To Attract and Engage the Audience –

Attracting and engaging a more extensive audience base is the core theme of any marketing strategy.

If you are not able to engage your target audience, then you are doing something wrong. Interactive technology solutions allow you to connect with your audience in a more refined way. It will enable them to interact with other customers and brands as well, thereby building a relationship with a brand. Experiential marketing solutions offer ample opportunities to brand to engage and connect with the audience through contests, interactive activity, or a chance to interact with the brand digitally. A brand campaign should be designed in a manner that motivates people to get involved and talk about it.

4. Forgetting To Plan For Worst Scenarios –

Experiential marketing solutions require proper planning beforehand for worst-case scenarios. It can help you save your event while giving optimal results. If proper planning is not there, issues that interrupt during the event takes your focus away from the task, which fails your event. Adequate preparation for worst-case scenarios before an event is a must. You might not want to create an unpleasant experience for your audience.

5. Zero Follow Up –

To make your event buzz, marketers generally lack in following up, after streaming a successful event. All the efforts and hard work go in vain if companies or brands don’t follow up. By using experiential technology for activations, you have successfully reached your target audience as per your strategy. A common mistake made by marketers that leads to the failure of an experiential marketing campaign is, as soon as the event ends, the event’s back end processes even ends with it. Having extended conversations with your audience even after the events gets over, can leverage your brand event. It will create a buzz around social media, where your audience will have interactions about your brand event. Don’t miss to track to gain valuable insight into how far your campaign has reached and whats the impact.

Experiential marketing campaigns require a little attention to make the buzz and boom your brand’s image. Connecting a broader audience base is the main agenda for any marketing campaign. Avoiding these common mistakes while planning an experiential marketing campaign, allows you to communicate with the audience, which later results in sales leads. Delivering an impressive brand experience that your consumers will love and don’t forget is a whole idea of an experiential marketing campaign.



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