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Coworking spaces have emerged as a lifeline for small and startup businesses. As a consequence of these, many small enterprises may now function as viable firms. Because of coworking spaces, startups no longer have to function from old garages and coffee shops.

Its services are definitely beneficial to startups and small businesses. But, with so many options available, how can you know which one to choose? Is it true that all coworking spaces promote startup productivity and growth? If you’re new to coworking spaces, here’s a guide to get you started.

⦁ Are the amenities enough?

The amenities and services provided by a coworking space are the centre of attention. One of the main reasons people select coworking spaces is because of the perks they provide. However, you must first assess whether such benefits are genuinely beneficial to your firm. Is a coworking space’s workstation and wifi sufficient? Are there a way to customize it if not? Do you need any special software or hardware? As services, many coworking spaces only offer a pleasant ambiance, a desk, and an internet connection. Certain businesses, however, demand more. As a result, OfficeBing offers fully serviced office space on a pay-per-seat basis. This is certainly a big advantage, especially for startups. So consider what you’re paying for: the ambiance and space alone or a whole office setup.

⦁ What is the budget?

When compared to traditional leasing, coworking spaces are inherently less expensive. However, as a client, you must ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck. You must compare all of the market pricing. However, what such online searches do not reveal are the additional fees that will be incurred. When renting a coworking space, you must educate yourself on the additional charges. Is there a large deposit required? Is your per-seat price inclusive of all services? Do you have to pay extra to use meeting or conference rooms?

⦁ Is it flexible enough for your needs?

Think about when your business grows. You’ll need more folks on board. As a result of this, you should not have to relocate. Finding a coworking space that can accommodate the number of seats you require is critical. However, flexibility is more than that. Your workstation should meet all of your office requirements. So it’s always a good idea to inquire if the place you’re going to has a rigid plan or if it’s also customizable to your requirements.

⦁ Do you like the layout?

Coworking spaces were created to provide an alternative to traditional closed cubicle arrangements. They are essentially open-plan places where anybody may come and work. But, you should read that statement again. In your shared workspace, anyone can work. People might come from a variety of industries, and each has a unique work model. As a result, you should expect some disturbance at work. As a result, this is a very crucial consideration to bear in mind. Can you work with everyone around you hustling, or do you require some space?

Although don’t get upset yet. There are many coworking space providers who have multiple layout options. This is where OfiiceBing takes the applause. They provide options from various seaters of cabins, dedicated desks, conference rooms, network, and physically separated offices, and much more. So with OfficeBing, there is an option for everyone.

⦁ Is it the perfect location for you?

You can find a perfectly beautiful space to work at. But it isn’t practical if you have to spend a big percentage of your time just commuting there. Also if you are a team, then you have to keep in mind everyone’s convenience. There are many who chose public transport.
Also getting a workspace in just a prime location is not enough. You have to keep in mind the modes of transport it offers. There are many who choose public transport, so be mindful of nearby train or bus stations. With that also comes the nearby facilities. The workspace is of no use if you have to walk a mile for lunch or something else you might need. Remember your time is your wealth, so go for a place that will be easy to travel to. So keep in mind that whichever space you choose, it has to be easy to travel to for each team member and of course the clients as well.

⦁ Is it covid safe?

One of the biggest fears most people have out there in 2021 is covid -19. Even with the regulation of vaccines, covid is still really scary. And we should prevent it as much as we can. This is while choosing your coworking space you need to look out for all the possible measures taken at the space. Is the space sanitized regularly? Is there any vaccination mandate? What measures do they follow to make the space covid-19 free?

⦁ Are there any events hosted?

One of the biggest perks of working in a coworking space is networking opportunities. Being a startup is really beneficial for you. Many startups host professional gatherings and funding events. With this, you can definitely grow your network of potential clients and investors. Also with this, you get to learn from other organizations or freelancers that work there. Or even expose yourself to future teammates.

⦁ Is the security tight?

Now when we talk about security, we talk about all angles. Be it the safety of employees, things, or even your data. In this digital age, our data holds no less importance than any jewels. So is the shared space also sharing your data? We hope not! So if you are a startup that values your data security, then go for coworking spaces that provide data centers and network separated offices, like OfficeBing!

⦁ Do you have any other perks?

One of the most fun things about coworking spaces is the ambiance and perks it has to offer. And workspace should always be inspiring and motivating, we mean that is honestly the modern way to work. And possibly the best one. So if the coworking space offers some extra leisure perks, then it is obviously a win-win situation for you. Additional perks like parking, gaming room, snack bar, children’s daycare are small, but they can go a long way. It is going to make you love your work even more.

Looking for your Coworking space?

When you keep in mind all the above things, you will definitely land your perfect coworking space. Now that you have scrolled through, you must be definitely in need of a coworking space. Well, OfficeBing can help you find that. Choose over a variety of offices in multiple cities, at the lowest prices.

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