The in-app advertising is a deciding factor for revenue generation and the fact is, it’s irrespective of the kind of app. it might appear simple, but it is not that easy. The most complex reason is the requirement to make it optimized for the device or may be in simple words, optimize it for mobiles.

The constant effort to optimize it constantly for ad revenue is actually challenging as it requires proper planned strategies to achieve development success.

We here like to share some android app development strategies which can help your app gain success in the app development.

1. The Android app should have ads that are geographically targeted

The ads should be relevant to the geographical region of the target audience. there is no point displaying global ads when you want your audience from a particular region to watch it. Analyse and then plan the region you want to run your ads for.

What is the impact of this focussed strategy?

This will enable the targeted audience to see the ads and it increases the chances of the ads getting clicked and downloaded. The relevancy of the ad increases tremendously.

2. Use catchy content

The purpose of an ad is to catch the attention of the audience. In the digital world, words have a lot of importance and they speak a lot. Even the audience prefer to read and make a judgement on what they see.


The content has to be catchy, there is no room for boring and “preach out” kind of content.

Content can create a lot of impacts and the ad becomes more meaningful and relevant with the content.

3. Identify the target users and relevant platform

The app has to be developed with the target user in mind. The vision and mission, both have to be clear and the message has to be delivered perfectly to the people.

This strategy determines the success ratio of the app, the more it is able to make the purpose clear, the more acceptance ratio is increased.

Apps should also consider relevant points like the battery life of the devices, hardware performance, peripherals which are necessary and of course, ruggedness.

Even device support and other features has a lot of impact on the app development process.

4. Mark the users of the Android app

The clarity for the user of the apps will help you to add features and will make it more user-friendly. This is though an integral part of the development process, but it still has a lot of relevance even for the success of the app.

Users need apps to make their life smooth and bring ease.

If this is considered while making the app, things start working towards success at the initial stage. Most of the app developers try to make the best app, but they compromise the feature which later makes it difficult for them to make it successful.

Capture the metric for the same. With precise metrics, you can understand the tendency or drift of the app.


It is a fact that there has been a significant rise in the app users in the recent decade. There is a flood of similar apps that have flooded the market recently.

So, with these small features, you can always stand out with your app. the success of your app depends a lot on the small features which can be estimated if the metric is used which help to figure out the requirement of people.

5. The Visual appeal of the Android app design

Visual appeal still works, believe it. If the app is dull and boring, the download rate will be a bit low. The look explains a lot about the app and its functionality. Do not forget that the app has to be more integrated so that the user can navigate itself seamlessly on their own.

Too complicated and tacky apps are not approved by the users.

Apps have to be simple, loaded with features, and perfectly built.

6. Choose the right approach for Android app marketing and distribution

The android app launch is a big thing, it is the moment when the app actually gets the limelight. Knowing and implementing effective ideas to market a mobile app is definitely important in this cut-throat competition.

Today, there are many distribution channels for android apps and are available easily. All you need is to choose the right combination that works best for your target audience.

7. Analytical tool integration

The only way you know about the performance of the android app is by analytical tools. You understand the visits, people liking it, and of course the way they arrived on the app and checked on it. This will help to create strategies and procedures to get them back.

Use of these tools gives more precise results and outcomes.

Final thoughts

There is no point in simply placing ads aimlessly here and there.  without proper and analysing the actual flow of your app the will not perform at all. What you can do is to identify screens of the gadgets that will help in letting your users move about easily from one place to another within your app. Interconnected ads work well by acting as a bridge for smooth transitions.

There are some issues which are overlooked and create a lot of issues.

The most common is placing banners in close proximity to important buttons like to call to action or actionable UI elements, they can block their path leading to an app flow, which is unstable for the development of the app.

Video ads go very well for the promotion of the apps. You can place them in between pauses and transition levels areas. They fetch high attention from the viewers.

Sometimes you need to work more yon your strategy. For example, when you integrate natural ads into app content with a hidden agenda, they look more effective and natural. Even Incorporating reward-based ads inside app content such as new upgrades, recent updates wherein they can avail premium services gives a lot of boost the app development success.



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