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There are several misconceptions attached with SEO. Some misconceptions have resolved by passing time and some remained static over the time.

Google and other search engines keep updating their algorithm. There are some techniques which used to provide good results in the past. But now these are not effective for website promotion.

Thus, the SEO worker needs to keep up-to-date with all the new updates of Google and other search engines. To build a successful business, you must understand the need for search engine optimization.

Here I want to discuss 10 things that nobody told you about search engine optimization.

1. 75% work is Off-Page and the rest 25% is On-Page

SEO strategy can be divided into two categories: On-Page & Off-Page.

Off-page needs 75% of total work while on-page needs 25% of total work. I would like to suggest you both aspects to get better ranking and higher traffic. Try to make your content and page relevant to the targeted keywords.

Use relevant words to bring in more focus for your customers and start your quality off-page work.

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2. There is a limit to your SERP Titles in Pixels

In fact, there is no such fine line drawn to the title when we talk about characters. There is a limit to the title tags and that is counted on the basis of Pixels.

With proper analysis, you will find out that Google shows greater than 70 characters in SERP. It’s all about Pixels when we talk about tags.

3. Keywords don’t always stay on top page forever

Always remember a fact that search engine optimization is an ongoing process and there is no such thing as so-called ‘stability’.

As we know nobody will live forever. Not even SEO results! In case, you are ranking better for your keywords as of now does not mean you will be there forever.

Google loves to serve relevant and updated content to users. It’s your duty to take care of those keywords & web pages. Try to maintain your SEO ranking.

4. There is no such relation between PR and SERP

When we talk about PR (Page Rank), people just want to have their page rank on a higher side. They consider that more PR means more visibility of their website in SERP.

But, the actual thing is that there is no such relationship between PR and SERP. PR is not major criteria for a business success and Google has already announced that PR bar is not going to be updating now.

So, just stop worrying for your PR and start your SEO work to gain more traffic and better visibility.

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5. Slow and Steady work

SEO is not a ‘one day result obtaining technique’. It’s a long term investment and as we know that quality results take time. Don’t expect a quick response to the business through SEO. Even, if you are looking for quick solutions.

Don’t opt any unethical ways to improve the visibility of your website on SERP (it can be dangerous). Always believe in slow and steady improvement of your website. Keep in mind that slow & steady still, win the race!

6. PPC won’t affect your Ranking

Some might turn to PPC for keyword ranking. But the thing to remember is that the PPC or paid campaigns never affect your ranking. It does not play any role in keywords ranking. you are just paying up to Google and other search engines for an advertisement of yours.

7. Use of H1 tags while doing SEO

While doing SEO (especially On-Page SEO), remember that you must use H1 tag only once on your page. You just can’t use H1 tags over and over again. Remember that you can even get penalized over this kind of unethical way of search engine optimization.

8. SEO – The More, The Better?

Are you sure, you believe in this fact?

If your answer is positive, then just change it in the case of SEO. It is not just building links and increasing your link counts. The more, the better never hold true in the case of SEO. The ‘more is the quality; the better it is’ is what is relevant to SEO.

Try to focus on quality links and link earning. Don’t just jump into building irrelevant links and increasing link counts.

9. Alexa Rank and SEO

Is there any connection between Alexa Rank and SEO?

Alexa Rank is just a measure of your traffic (average daily unique visitors & the number of page views) over the period of 3 months.

Always remember that Alexa is just a party website which follows its own algorithm. It has nothing to do with SERP ranking and SEO.

10. SEO can help revive your business within a few months (2-3 Months)

You will get disappointed if you are on this belief. SEO can’t do it, to be frank.

As explained earlier, the SEO work takes the time to show its effect. Always keep a time frame of 6 months for your SEO works to do wonders for your business. Don’t expect quick results. if you do, it’s not more than a foolish expectation.

Bonus: 5 Best SEO Advice Directly From Experts

1. “Write content for human first, search engines second.” – Neil Patel, @neilpatel

2. “Google is shortening the searcher’s path, pulling content, and putting it directly into the search result page.” – Rand Fishkin, @randfish

3. “If you’re like most people, you have at least a few “dead weight” pages (old blog posts, ecommerce product pages that don’t generate sales, Archive pages) on your site. Delete these dead weight pages.” – Brian Dean, @Backlinko

4. “Focus on creating trust through everything you do online and offline. Your natural traffic will grow and grow and grow. You won’t have to worry about algorithm changes.” – Matt McGee, @mattmcgee

5. “I humbly believe that the biggest mistake most of us doing SEO make is that we are far too obsessed with ranking and meta this and that and how to work back algorithms etc etc. We should focus more on what was the business impact of our SEO efforts.” – Avinash Kaushik, @avinash

Final Words!

SEO is the work which gets highlighted after some time. It’s an affordable way to the improvement of the website, its traffic, and its presence on SERP. Just focus on best SEO techniques and keep changing your techniques with changing time.

Do you have any suggestions? Please do drop in the comment section below, I would like to hear from you!

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By Pawan Kumar

Pawan is a Hubspot Certified Inbound Marketer and content creator at Sarv.com. He is a learner of digital marketing and freelance writer. He loves storytelling, and movies.

4 thoughts on “10 Things That Nobody Told You About SEO [Checklist]”
  1. Nice article, I am not sure about the percentage of offpage and onpage, but I feel Onsite – Onpage – Offpage all are equally important aspects. Afterall when we say we have create content for human not for search engines it does mean that we will have to look for from user experience to user engagement.

    It really works when we create content which is keyword rich (Not keyword stuffed) mean using proper symentic and relavent terms in our content which people might search for.

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