Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

Have you ever had a situation where you came across a word which you felt means the same, however, they were evidently different? Terms those seemed like synonyms of each other and were often interchangeable.

Two such terms that have often confused me are that of marketing and advertising. So what is the difference actually? The one basic difference is that advertising is a subset of marketing but marketing is not a subset of advertising.

Moving on to the topic in question, it is first important to head back to the yesteryears when traditional marketing had just evolved. With the term traditional, one can figure out that they are the old and justified ways of escalating your product in front of the right audiences. The most trusted and defined ways of marketing were the ones that we so often used.

  • Print (magazines and newspapers)
  • Broadcasting (television and radios)
  • Mailing (brochures and catalogues)
  • Telephone (cold calls and marketing through messages)
  • Outdoor (billboards and hoardings)

There is no denying that the traditional marketing routes were lengthy but proved to be profitable with time and patience. This held true for the time until when the newer and faster channels did not arrive.

I am talking here about the dawn of the mobile and internet era. For all those who belong to the mid-90s, must have seen the best of both the times. We have seen the transition from landlines to mobiles and also the desktops to laptops. As this transition was made, naturally the marketing agencies had to tap on to the reserves of faster and more effective modes of marketing.

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We are here not to give you 13 reasons why but a few reasons that may change your outlook on digital marketing. So brace yourself as we walk you through the delightful lanes of digital marketing.


No prize for guessing that digital marketing gives you a reach that traditional marketing won’t. With millions of people logging on the wide-reaching world of the web, marketing on the digi-world will definitely keep your product/service that ultimate boost.

Besides the reach and ease factor, the ultimate gain is that it is easy on your pockets. One does not need to set aside a chunk of their earnings to dedicate to marketing. Digital marketing in the true sense is everyone’s cup of tea.


Probably one of the biggest plus points of digital marketing is that it is all on a real-time basis. And what’s more? You can even measure and calculate the reach and find out all the important facts such as:

  • Number of visitors your post actually generates
  • Best time of the day when maximum people are online
  • How many hits and views actually materialize and convert

When everything can be measured and be in sight, it will definitely help one gauge exactly how effective your marketing reach has been.


If one is to believe statistics, the global digital population as of January 2019 has reached 4.4 billion people and the social media users have gone up to 3.5 billion! With these whopping numbers, it is a given that marketers can not only promote and sell their products and services but can also interact with the end customer through comments, quizzes and attractive give away goodies option.

Interactive and constant is what sells on the digital platform today. The more you are visible and active the more people will see and remember you!


ImageSource: Pixabay


With the modes of traditional marketing tools, one was surely reaching the numbers and the masses but how effective was it anyways? How many from those masses were actually buying or going to your product? Or was it more of shooting arrows aimlessly attached with a load of heavy charges?

When it comes to digital marketing there is a guarantee that you will be targeting the audience who are the right people and at the right demographics. So, if you plan strategically with interactive, attractive and appealing posts, you are sure to hit the Bulls Eye!


Digital marketing is without a doubt the quickest means to a customer’s mind and heart. Which means that since all your posts will be live and on a live platform that is abuzz with tons of activity every second of the day, naturally the reach and results will also be fast.

With options such as contact us now, or buy now, it also gives the viewers (your target audience) the option to connect with you and your services with just one click just like GoDissertationHelp did. They have mentioned Order Now on the top of the page to attract their users. This is as good as it can get, and you will be able to get your customers to hit the iron when it is hot!


As discussed earlier digital marketing is way more cost-friendly than traditional marketing. It is because of this one major factor that digital marketing is available for all. You could be an entrepreneur just getting together your startup business or a well-established name. As long as you have the product and the plan you can avail the benefits of digital marketing.

All these points are a mere starter in the entire course of marketing. There is a lot more offered than the points mentioned above. For now, these are enough to get you started on your plans to go digital and make a mark!



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