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We have come in the year 2024 and it is February. Everything looks perplexing! Many things are going and technological advancements in every sector are shaping the future. Generative AI has disrupted the market and many people including bloggers are concerned that if everyone can generate content with the click of a button content will lose value.

Today we will peek into the future and look for what can happen to bloggers. And you have to guess in the comments that is this AI-generated or written by me.

I am a technology enthusiast as well as a person who loves music and writing. So I will give my perspective considering all aspects and respect for all communities.

I will reveal the answer at the end so please stick to the article.

Before that, I would like to discuss some tips for having a successful blog in 2024

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Let’s dive into the future of blogging:

1. The Internet will have a lot of articles scaling at a much pace

With the advancement of Generative AI Internet will have a lot of articles on various topics and some of them may even rank as well. I am not giving you any shortcuts here but yes you can leverage the opportunity, it’s your wish!

2. Video blogging will have an edge over blogs containing text

It is a well-known fact today that people like videos as compared to text. Let’s show this in hierarchical order.

Video Content/ Image ContentHigh Engagement
Audio ContentLower than video content
Text ContentLower-than-audio content
Courtesy- DigiPro Marketers

You have to try and test to see what works for you. I would suggest if you are a blogger and want to reach a broader audience then you can mix Video, Audio, and Text that gives your readers a choice to select.

3. A lot of new players will emerge as content creators

As AI improves, it will attract and inspire a lot of new bloggers into the race. Although Generative AI is not 100 percent accurate it can significantly improve your writing skills.

It learns from Large Language Models ( LLMS) and it keeps on learning and getting smarter but still, it can never replace humans. So be cautious when reading any piece of advice you find. You can cross-reference with other sources whom you trust.

4. AI tools can assist in content creation, optimization, and distribution

AI tools can assist in content creation for bloggers and Digital Marketing professionals. There are a lot of AI tools that can optimize your content and look out for grammatical, punctuation, readability, and spelling mistakes.

These tools also have an automatic feature that can distribute your content on social media channels. AI tools can also help in scheduling your blog post and can post at the best times according to your users.


Now the biggest question arises how long will blogging survive and whether is the right option to choose as a career. Now here I will answer that can address bloggers, SEO Professionals, Digital Marketing professionals, and even software engineers.

Honestly speaking AI will not replace you! If used effectively it will improve your writing skills and can make you more creative. For software developers, it can reduce redundant tasks so that they can work on bigger projects.

Technology has both sides, positive and negative. AI must be developed responsibly and yes the people are working for it. We must adapt to the changes AI is bringing or we will be left behind.

The good news is AI will not replace your blogging career and now it’s your responsibility to create valuable content for your audience.

PRO TIP: You can use Generative AI and other AI tools but it should have a human touch as well. That will work the best.

Let’s comment on whether it is human or AI-generated. Feel free to give your feedback in the comment section. Also don’t forget to give a rating to the article. I might include your suggestions in the article.

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By Ankit Chauhan

Ankit Chauhan  is a software engineer by education. He is the Founder, Author and Content Strategist at Digipro Marketers. He is currently into digital marketing services. He is a Vskills Certified Digital Marketing Master and also holds a B.Tech degree in Information Technology. He is into digital marketing from the past 6 years.

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