The use of Psychology in customer acquisition is not a new thing. For years people have been using it as a weapon to influence their customers. Whether it is online or offline marketing Psychology, hypnosis, and persuasion play a major role in customer acquisition. In this technique, you are entering into a customer mindset and influencing him to take action.

Here I am going to share some of the Psychological hacks that will help you acquire customers:

Customer acquisition by building AN EMOTIONAL BOND

Cute baby
Cute Baby

For example, suppose my company manufactures and sells CCTV cameras then I can acquire new customers by creating content that tells how safe your children can be if you install them at your home. Another example is that our food product makes your baby healthy and helps in his growth and development.

Use Visuals to showcase your products and services

According to research published by Psychologist  Albert Mehrabain 90% of information that enters our brain is practically in the form of visuals. So if you are creating content without any visuals you will not be able to acquire and retain customers.

Visuals help to deliver a message that can be remembered very easily, moreover, effective visuals also help to increase engagement rate. According to a recent study by OpenView Marketing Lab, it has been proved that company Facebook pages that post status updates with visuals in the form of videos and photo albums create up to 180 percent stronger engagement.

Create content that is simple and easy to understand

If your content is too lengthy and out of the topic people will lose interest in your content, services and product. Nobody wants to think much and if you are not providing relevant information about your service or brand chances are they will switch to another brand. People on the internet are primarily in the research mode and if they are not able to understand your content they might bounce from your website.

Create a Surprise effect

Surprise effect
Surprise effect

You can surprise your customers by giving sudden discount offers, and free trials. You can also introduce a new upgraded version of your product or services when no one expected. But keep in mind that the Surprise effect can move both ways either positively or negatively. Remember there is a huge crowd in the market and if you can stand out from the crowd you can win the race.

Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction

This is Newton’s Third law of motion but it is also closely related to the idea of reciprocity in social psychology that if I do something positive for you, you are more likely to do something positive for me. We can’t help it and it’s a social obligation that we’ve all surrendered to whether in our personal, professional, or consumer lives.

Here is an example if a person is searching for some information about digital marketing and he visits my website, I offered him a free ebook of digital marketing. Now the chances are more that he is going to purchase from my website because I have provided him what he was looking for.

As a golden rule, you can apply whatever you give to your customers it will come back to you and will help in customer acquisition as well.


Customer acquisition is not an easy task but you can simplify it by following the above-mentioned psychological hacks. I am sure you might be having some more ideas to share with us. Please comment below to share your ideas and give your feedback about this article.

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By Ankit Chauhan

Ankit Chauhan  is a software engineer by education. He is the Founder, Author and Content Strategist at Digipro Marketers. He is currently into digital marketing services. He is a Vskills Certified Digital Marketing Master and also holds a B.Tech degree in Information Technology. He is into digital marketing from the past 6 years.

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