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Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of driving organic and free traffic to your site or content based on the search results in the browser. Search Engine Optimisation finally leads you to be discoverable, revealed in the searches that occur.

SEO based marketing can increase your viewership, your fanbase and much more. SEO has been a conventional idea, but technical evolution has changed the entire look of the same.

Why is SEO important for your Business?

SEO can increase the engagement in your pages online without any payment. All the browsers would rank and list the content that they think is important and useful to the users.

So, it is important that you top the rankings so as to be the first link that the user gets upon his search. There are a lot of tricks and techniques to enhance the visibility of your content by effectively using SEO. 

But not all content writers or website developers would be able to handle everything on the same plate, which is why SEO Agencies have been prevalent in the market, helping each and every client with the best of the SEO techniques present today. The SEO techniques would be tailor-made, which will be done specifically for each of the clients. The Top SEO companies in India understand your Business and audience and pick the services where you can reap the maximum SEO benefits.

In a country like India, who has budding technologies blooming every day, SEO agencies are also on the rise to provide the services required for startups, established companies, etc. Here are the top 10 SEO companies in India.



RankHawn is the most leading name in the field of SEO and the company had been successful in providing a dedicated SEO specialist to each of the clients who would be responsible for the success of the client company.

They understand the company, the vision, the motive, etc. of the client to make sure the SEO is done perfectly.

Competitive Analysis, reporting, refinement, keyword research is all the few of the basic services that the SEO services of Rankhawn provide their clients. They also have local SEO, National SEO, International SEO levels and plans on which the client can decide upon to sign up.

SEOValley Solutions Private Limited

SEOValley Solutions Private Limited has been ranked among the best SEO agencies in India since 2000. They have been able to manage their clients to be happy and impressed by the hard work and teamwork they put in.

Being a company that has survived a lot of algorithmic changes in Google, SEOValley Solutions Private Limited is a trusted name in the market.

Ethical and safe practices are their motto as they know that even the smallest of the malpractices can put your content down on the internet space.

SEOtonic Web Solutions Private Limited

SEO tonic

SEOtonic Web Solutions Private Limited is a full-service digital marketing agency with different levels of local SEO, global SEO, e-commerce and social media levels.

Their long-term relationship with the clients has been able to return the maximum investment, achieve their goals in any time zone, and to drive the results without compromising on the integrity of the company.

Social media marketing, search engine optimization, website development, PPC management, CRO, etc are all part of the services they render to the clients.

Page Traffic

Page Traffic

PageTraffic has been creating traffic in their client’s pages since 2002. They have had very relevant mentions in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc., etc. Also, popular brands have been part of their client panel, which has increased their demand among the clients who want to avail of their services.

Rooted in New Delhi, Page Traffic has been connecting with the clients, engage and to build relationships with their clients to boost their credibility and to improve brand recognition.


Indeed SEO

IndeedSEO is one of the leading SEO agencies in India whose services are affordable and crafted according to the best of your needs. SEO services, link building, PPC campaign management, online reputation management are all the services the company provides.

They also have a special wing to handle Google penalty recovery services to those who would have messed with the complex algorithms of the search engine ultimately putting their sites or content down on online space.


WebFx, the big name in SEO as well as digital marketing has been a boon to those who need every other thing under the same umbrella.

SEO and revenue generation has been considered as a separate section in the firm to give more importance to the clients who require to find their viewing window on the online space.

They also work on-site pricing and marketplace pricing based on the search engine and e-commerce websites.



Moburst is a global mobile success company that helps brands and clients grow their mobile business. With creating mobile apps, the company helps in App store optimization, giving greater visibility and discovery in the app store.

Using research aggregator and proprietary engine as the winning combination to optimize the app store search for your app. They analyze the collected data regularly to track the changes.

Descriptions, titles, keywords, etc have been designed based on in-depth keyword research. A/B testing, measuring, and getting you the right results in more than 25 languages. Moburst has it all covered.


One of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in the country. With 12 years of experience, SEO Discovery is a google partner.

Analysis, Diagnosis, and implementation have been the drill at SEODiscovery. SEO, marketing, brand services are all done with perfection and skilled hands.


Builds worth

BuildsWorth is a certified SEO/SEM company. They have fully measurable results. The ROI centric strategies have link building, Monthly SEO task, and On-page SEO are the few of the services they render.

The company has been verified by a lot of online recognizers and as they say, smart people are building their online presence with BuildsWorth.

SEO Experts India

SEO Experts India target SEO campaign hat drive maximum traffic, lead, and sales. At SEO Experts India, they are highly focused on Organic Search and are here to help you make the most of the opportunity presented by it.

Competitive Intelligence, website audit, and optimization, high-quality link building are all on the menu.

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