Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

Even if you don’t think you’re being tracked on the Internet, you are.The online platform is a growing industry. But alongside that are also cases of cybercrime like data breaches, identity theft, malware, and a lot more. In 2018 alone, studies show that over 1,200 data breaches exposed a total of 400 million records.

It leaves users restless and worried about the theft of passwords, financial data, and personal information. Cybercriminals now know the different tunnels to get through a user’s data, and it’s starting to get worse. What’s more, people who access the Internet through public WiFi networks or travel abroad are at higher risks of exposing more data than there should be. So what should you do?

The answer is: get a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a tool used to keep user activity private. It allows you to browse freely on the Internet without the fear of cyber threats and attacks. Now, the next big thing you have to ask yourself is, what is the best free VPN anyway? One that does not take advantage of your data?

There’s a lot in the market. You have to look for the most trusted and credible ones. But before diving into that, you must know the different benefits VPNs will bring you. So here are some of the top reasons why you need a VPN in your life:

Access Public WiFi With Confidence

Free public WiFi connections bring convenience. When you’re out of the house, and you need to check something online, these are your saviors. However, they’re not always safe. Connecting to public Internet connections will always be a risky move. It is because online predators and hackers are just lurking around the network, waiting for their next target. Logging onto your accounts while using a public interface exposes your identity and other personal information to these predators, which makes you an easy target.

With VPNs, you can use these public WiFi connections without the fear of losing your data and giving away crucial information into the wrong hands. VPNs encrypt your browsing data; hence, making it look like you’re anonymously browsing the web or you’re trying to access the Internet from another country. In turn, you can safely login to your accounts or even go shopping and input banking details without worrying about someone tracking your activity.

Make The Most Out Of Your Subscriptions

If you travel frequently and find yourself going to remote places, you’ll want to get yourself a VPN to access blocked content on specific countries, so you can also make the most out of your subscriptions. For example, popular and on-demand entertainment services and other websites like Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu are blocked in particular countries and regions. With a VPN, you can easily access countless websites without having to worry about whether or not it’s available in your area.

Keep Your Privacy

You can use a VPN even when you’re sitting in the comforts of your own home. It’s not such a bad idea to do so. Generally, this can keep you from leaving footprints on the Internet, so your IP address is kept anonymous; hence, providing utter privacy and security

Share Files Privately

It usually concerns organizations. Most of the time, sharing files online can easily expose you to identity theft and data breaches, since hackers are only lurking in the world wide web, waiting for the next target. However, with a VPN, you can freely share files within your organization without worrying about third party involvement, intruders, or ransomware.

Get Higher Levels Of Security With Online Banking

A lot of users today are most probably sensitive when it comes to giving out baking information, especially online. And almost everyone loves the convenience of online banking. However, it wouldn’t be so convenient if your identity and hard-earned money got stolen, would it? Thankfully, VPNs provide an extra layer of security to give users peace of mind when making transactions online.

Unblock Social Media Sites When In Another Country

Some countries, like China, block certain social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Whether you’re a student spending your vacation in another state or only a traveler who seeks to keep himself posted with the latest news and updates, a VPN can ensure that you’re keeping up with everything even when away from home.

Wrapping Up

VPNs indeed help keep your IP address safe and anonymous. However, make sure you pick the best ones out there and dodge yourself away from services that take advantage of a user’s vulnerability and desire to stay private and secure. In summary, if you’re concerned about both your privacy and security, then getting yourself a VPN is a great idea. That way, you are keeping your footprints off of public networks and staying safe from possible cyber threats and attacks.

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By Edwin Deponte

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who loves to travel around the world. Also a digital nomad, he finds it hard to access the world wide web on countries with strict Internet censorship; hence, he studied the ins and outs of VPN connections. Having been hooked to this, he continues to write about the topic to help users and other digital nomads worldwide that experience the same problems.

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