Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

Several online stores are adopting the feature of product customization to achieve a dominant level. Due to globalization, it’s natural to buy products from several parts of the world. The credit goes to e-commerce stores. 

You can buy items at the click of a button. Now Products are being traded online, and the trade is advancing at a considerably higher pace. 

As a result, competition becomes tough for products.

Why product customization?

Earlier, Online stores offered no customization to the masses, but now things have altered. The software industry is making customization easy.

Now the users can customize functionalities, designs, and colors of the product. It assists to fascinate more consumers to e-commerce. You can customize the design in the e-commerce market. It is the common feature present at the stores. It makes customers happy by enabling them to design products as per their choice.  

Straight off, I introduce you to the leading five, most selling customized products in the marketplace today.

1. DODO iPad cases- 

The substance used in the DODO iPad cases was leather, and these were handcrafted to make cases of DODO iPad. 

The creators of DODO iPad cases started making them with leather seven years ago. They worked those cases after customization, and it made them earn millions of dollars. 

At the origin of making those cases, they realized that customers were interested in customization, and they could give tough competition to their competitors.

2. Dog boutique of Susan Lanci

The accessories for dogs manufactured by the company Susan Lanci are available to people after customization. They deliver style, safety, comfortability, pleasant quality, good fitting. These hand-knotted oriental carpets are luxurious items. 

From a hook to the choker, the consumer selects every part of the accessory after customization.

3. Baetea 

In your city, people may consume local tea, but a few demands for tea from specific countries. Various kinds of tea are available, but the user like the one that matches their taste. 

Due to tough competition, Baetea uses original strategies to stay firm in the market. It plays a significant role in maintaining a balanced lifestyle of consumers.

4. Wood products made by hand 

Machines are creating products, still many people like handcrafted products. The demand for products made in the woods has increased. 

In e-commerce stores, you can buy customized watches that are made of wood.

JORD is a wooden watch brand that gives an exemplary customer service. These watches have cufflinks and keepsake boxes of wood. You can use their website to customize the design.

5. Products for human face

 Many facial products, including gels, cleansers, creams are available online, and each of them has unique features.

NERD Skincare marketed its items by establishing relationships with customers. Also, they invest in video commercials through social media.

Customized Shoes

Shoe design software is a superb software, that is used to customize the shoes as per the need of the customer. It has abundant features for designing shoes.

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