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Gaining insights about the SEO process in the course of the campaign is critically important to ensure that things move in the right direction and provide the desired results. Analyzing various elements of SEO becomes very important to see what is going on inside the campaign and to know what is working and what does not work. This makes it mandatory to use some SEO tools that help to gain valuable insights about the process, and this has been the way for years.

To gather extensive data of the ongoing SEO campaign, you must depend on the tools that provide reliable and accurate information that helps to understand the campaign performance in its proper perspective.  From analytics to reporting, SEO tools can do so many things that it might appear as if it could replace the entire marketing department.

Using SEO tools is the smart way of developing your business because it does not only provide insights about your business performance but also what your competitors are doing to gain SEO advantage. SEO tools help to free up your time so that you can concentrate on uncovering new strategies and opportunities that support the business to grow and make more money.

Now, let us dig deeper to find out the other reasons why SEO tools are indispensable for any online marketing campaign and why you must use it.

Spying on competitor strategy

It is important to understand your competitor’s strategy to figure out what are the right boxes that they are ticking to reap SEO benefits. It is an easier way to latch on to tested strategies that give results. RavenTools and SEMrush are some tools that the experts at Golden Search Advantage SEO Seattle recommend for spying on competitors to know about their strategy without being unethical. Besides providing information about rankings and traffic flow, the tools also allow you to know how the content is performing across the platform and from where the backlinks are coming.

The information about the origin of backlinks helps you to create a strategy of targeting those websites for acquiring links of the right quality much quickly. Knowing about which new keywords the competitor is ranking for opens the doors for new keyword opportunities that provide new ideas about content creation.

Cost and time-saving SEO audits

SEO audits provide valuable knowledge about website issues and SEO performance but conducting in-depth SEO audits manually involves good expenses, needs good resources, and takes much time.  You can reduce the expenditure and time by almost 50% by using some SEO tools. For example, by using the tool Screaming Frog you can discover a host of SEO issues like missing page titles, orphaned pages, missing Meta descriptions, poor page depth, broken links, page server errors and lot more information.

To automate the audit process, you can use some tools like Majestic or SEMrush that not only collates a wide range of information but also generate reports that are easy to read.  The reports are like road maps that clearly point to issues that need immediate fixing and ranges from page speed to links and content.

Identify high converting keywords using SEO tools

The search for the right keywords is always challenging because it is just not enough to find keywords in your niche with enough search volume because many other factors become important to make the keywords work for you.

The most important factor is to discover the intent behind keywords that helps to understand the purpose of the search query like whether searchers are interested in buying a product or want to gather some information or seeking solutions to problems. And you must get the answer correct.

SEO tools help to identify keywords that you had never thought of as it generates related keywords with several variations and widens the applicability of the keyword in different content and context. By looking at the keywords on your website that you are ranking for and understanding its position, you can work out strategies for improvement or can do it faster by replicating what the competitors are doing. Targeting keywords rich in buying intent can ensure higher and quicker conversions.

Monitor progress through SEO tools

The search engine rankings are not the only parameter to monitor to determine SEO success as there are many other parameters to consider. SEO tools make it easy to calculate these parameters, which would be difficult to do manually.

While the performance indicators may vary according to the goals of the business, in general, it includes domain authority, keyword rankings, traffic, number of backlinks, sales, shares, social media comments, form fills and many more. Measuring performance against multiple platforms and metrics makes good sense because it is not just enough to drive more traffic to the website, but it is more important to ensure higher conversions. The SEO tools allow you to know if your efforts are paying off.

Data visualization and conceptualization

Gathering data is just the beginning, but to understand it, you must be able to visualize data through graphical representation. The graphical representation of data not only helps to visualize it but also conceptualize and analyze the numbers in a sensible manner. This is especially helpful when you are analyzing the success of your SEO and marketing campaign and monitoring your SEO progress or looking at user demographics.

Many SEO tools generate graphical reports for quick data analysis that eases the task of understanding complex metrics. Data visualization is also very important as it helps to inform your SEO strategy to team members and other stakeholders and communicate it meaningfully to all for easy understanding.

Having a good grasp on your SEO campaign requires much more understanding of the process metrics than merely focusing on keyword research and tracking ranking. It requires gaining insights about your competition, the kind of ROI generated by the campaign, and what kind of SEO efficiencies you are achieving.  To build your strategy from the foundation up, you must use various SEO tools and combine it well to ensure that it empowers you to drive the SEO in the right track that paves the way for success.

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