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seo audit

“Businesses that lie on SERP page 2, 3 and so on does not have any online presence”. It might seem harsh but the thing is that both you and your client should be aware of this harsh reality. When you have cravings for pizza, you might have used your smartphone to search it online.

Remember that 90 percent of the people don’t visit the second SERP page and get the pizza from first-page organic results. You might have done this as well to satisfy your cravings. Right?  Even most of the people just make a purchase on the first 3 spots given on the SERP.

So, it is time to tell the report of your website to your client. It is a client facing document in which you have to mention the problems that you are facing currently and what will you do to solve these problems as well. Have a look at the tips that can be helpful in creating a complete SEO audit report.

Things to include in your SEO audit report!!!

Your main objective is to find out the real issue behind the lower ranking of the website as compared to the competitors. A regular SEO audit report serves two significant things:

  1. Educating the shopper
  2. Guiding the work

It is a document that outlines the things you wish to do in the future with the procedure associated with it. Look many clients don’t have the depth knowledge of SEO even some are not aware of the terms used in SEO and that is why it is your responsibility to coach them with your reports.

  • Include things such as SEO factors that are affecting ranking.
  • Describe SEO issues and the reason behind it.
  • Explain the actions that you will take to enhance the ranking of the website and to solve the issues.

How to fill an SEO audit report?

First of all. gather all the information on the client’s site to prepare an SEO audit report. Several numbers of tools and processes can be used to gather data for the audit report.

Have a look at a few examples that you should include in your report!!!

Duplicate title tags

If more than one website has the same title tag then search engine gets confused in categorizing the websites thus enables to rank the Google search engine correctly. So it is important to have a unique page title to enhance the ranking of your website.

Now, in SEO audit report, you have to mention all the duplicate title tags that have to be rewritten uniquely to enhance the ranking of the website.

Missing title tags

The title tag should be unique for all the web pages. This title tag is used to tell the search engine about the relevance of the page. List all the pages whose titles tags are too long and need to be rewritten and whose title tags are duplicate or missing.

Duplicate content

You know how duplicate content can affect your website ranking negatively. Duplicate content is the content which has been published more than once. Search crawlers negatively affect websites with duplicate content. In SEO audit report, you have to include a description of the web pages with the duplicate content. Also, include the action to be taken to revise the content to make it unique.

Quantity of links

However, it is great to have links to a website to enhance the traffic on it. But when a page has too many links then search crawlers can declare the page as of low quality and can degrade its ranking.

If your client’s website also includes too many links then list all the URLs which contain more than 100 links into it with a description that is used to limit the number of links to your website.

Search engine marketing

SEM is one of the most popular techniques to enhance traffic to your website in which you have to pay to appear in the searches. List all the keywords that are appealing and can attract visitors towards your website.

There is a number of other SEO factors present that you have to include in your SEO audit report. It is a great way to access the status of the website and to create a plan that can be helpful in improving the ranking of the website.



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