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Did you know that digital market spending is supposed to climb to $515 billion by 2023? If you are part of an SEO agency, you know you want to get numerous clients at your doorstep. However, since the industry has cut-throat competition, you need to make sure you have a swift plan to help you achieve a top rank fast.

When you’re able to decipher which strategies are most effective and which ones don’t make much difference, you’ll know where to pour your resources. According to Impact Plus, 57% of marketing executives say on-page SEO content development was the most effective SEO tactic. It shows that a simple method that you apply can result in a positive outcome. The list we have created contains techniques that will help you raise the ranks swiftly. It will also help you leave an impression on your clients. 

As you follow through the checklist carefully, you will find that your SEO agency leads the game for you. Here’s the complete list for you:

Set Up a Search Console

It would be best if you established groundwork before you can use different SEO tactics. The first step to help your website get a top ranking is to check where it currently stands. Search engine consoles are free SEO tools, which allow you to track a site’s current performance on any search engine. For example, if Google is your default search engine, you will use Google’s search engine console. 

The search engine console will inform you which keywords bring an influx of traffic. It would guide you in submitting a site map while telling you what aspect of the website needs fixing. Ultimately, you will help your website achieve a high rank.

Build Up Links

Internal and external links help make the best link-building solutions for agencies and other strategies. It would help if you made the information available on your website more concrete and visible, along with a link-building approach into play. The best websites that should land on your webpage are high-ranking ones. Therefore, you should always go for authoritative websites that have updated and recent information.

Similarly, internal links help you connect information on one page to another webpage. They allow users to go through different web pages and branch out towards information they need from the website. 

Optimization For Cell Phones

These days a lot of people view websites on the go. That means they use portable devices such as tablets and smartphones to use the search engine. In most cases, a smartphone is the most popular choice of device. So, as an SEO agency, you must optimize your website for cell phones, which helps the search engine crawl over the website and rank it high.

Also, most search engines start the process of ranking with the mobile site first. So it wouldn’t matter how great the desktop version is if you ignore a mobile-friendly website. It means that the website should be easy to view and loads fast on the cell phone with clear images. If the website is mobile-friendly, you will be ahead of the competition.

Use the Skyscraper Technique 

Content marketing is a broad term. So you’ll need to focus on what aspect of content marketing you want to work on. For instance, the skyscraper technique can help you with its research-intensive method, but you first need to identify the most popular content for your niche. 

Once you know what you’re up against, you will create even better content and publish it. Suppose you try creating content without doing research. In that case, you may end up choosing unpopular keywords or writing on a topic no one asked for, and as a result, your website might get ignored. 

Use Long-tailed Keywords

Keywords help users match a website to cover all possible search engine queries using long-tailed keywords. However, in practice, your keyword technique should contain both short-tailed and long-tailed keywords. 

However, long-tailed keywords narrow down the search engine results and help users connect to a website faster. In a competitive setting, this is useful since the more clicks a website gets, the higher the search engine ranks a website, the more clicks it gets.

Use H1, H2, H3 Tags

Without a doubt, you want your content to be visible and legible. No one likes to go through a cluster of information that is hard to read and much harder to distinguish. Using tags throughout your content helps give your content more structure.

These tags help users immediately find what they need. It also organizes your work, so if you need to revise and update older content, you can get to work right away. When you use tags, you’re also making it easier for the search engine to find your website. H1 tags make up the main heading of your content, while H2 and H3 tags break down your content into subheadings.

Write Alt Tags

Did you know? Search engines offer users more than merely words for content. They can also search for videos, images, and even news for the same search query. So when you work on your website, make sure the content has all appropriate tags, especially multimedia. If you have created images and videos such as ads for your SEO agency, you want the search engine to pick it up. 

Alt tags are descriptions for your multimedia. It allows the search engine to crawl over them and add them to the ranking system. If you choose not to do this, you’re missing out on a potential SEO rank since crawl bots cannot read images with the text.

Wrap Up

As an SEO agency, you want your website to come to the top, and a compiled list can help you make sure you’re hitting all the nails. You may immediately want to start finding out your website’s current position through a search engine console. Next, you want to make sure you get a substantial rank through a proper link-building system.

Don’t forget to optimize your websites for cell phones and use long-tailed keywords to shorten the distance between you and your clients. Finally, don’t forget the tags; they help bots crawl over images and organize your work.

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