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If you own and operate an event management company, then this is for you. You must have an event management app. It helps in more ways than one.

For instance, efficiency increases by 30% of More event management companies are using purposed apps. From only 9% in 2018, the figure for event managers using apps has jumped to 36%. If you do not have an event management app yet, get one developed, but before that, read this guide, so you get a tool to improve project management, team communication, and customer satisfaction. Find a mobile app developer for your event management app development, but keep these in mind.


The event is an umbrella term. It can mean people who organize MICE and their requirements are different compared to wedding organizers and show organizers. Some larger event planners take on a variety of events, including trade conferences and exhibitions and corporate shows. Your homework, before you call in an event app developer should cover:

Create a checklist of all the possible events you organize as part of your business.

  • Do you sell tickets?
  • Do you book venues and hotels?
  • Do you have a team working together?
  • Do you arrange travel and catering?
  • Will you need to display images and videos?
  • Extra features to consider?
  • Platforms on which the app will be used Android and iOS
  • Are users tech-savvy – ease of use

Define the purpose. The success of the event depends on how event managers organize it. The app’s goal is to deliver a superior user experience for all participants while also promoting the event. The app is also a tool to gather feedback so that you can improve in the future.

Choosing the platform

When AtoZ Events decided to get an app developed, they called in an app developer who advised that they first choose the platform based on which the development could proceed. Surveys show that 83% of mobile devices use Android, so they decided to go with Android.

Event participation

BizEvents were into organizing business conferences and trade shows. It was essential for them to get business owners to sign up, register, and receive confirmation. 

On the other hand, Joy Events usually handled shows, and ticket booking a necessary part of the app. Ticket booking also meant the app should have an inbuilt payment gateway and facility to issue the e-ticket. The requirements are somewhat similar in both cases that those who use the app should be able to sign up to participate. If payment is part of the process, then it requires a secure payment gateway.

Scheduling, venue, map

Event planners need to schedule an event to fit in with their calendar.

  • Planners can pick the date, time, and facility to notify participants about the schedule and regular reminders.
  • Calendar integration is vital for users to record the event in their time table and be alerted by their phone. If there is a change, then participants must automatically receive updates. Getting to the venue is essential, and you do not want attendees to waste time. Therefore the inclusion of a map is indispensable for your event management app. You could go a bit further and even include AR to guide visitors through the venue.
  • Once an invitee or a participant arrives at the venue, their attendance could be logged in and recorded.


If you are managing a trade conference or an exhibition, it is suitable for participants to know who else will be there.

  • They may wish to find out more about other participants and even interact with other participants through the app itself.
  • Consider this feature as a must-have for your app. Get the app developer to create a participant area for that particular event.
  • Participants may even upload their e-catalogs and brochures for other participants or visitors to browse. It is precisely what BB events did. The result is that participants did not need to carry printed brochures. Their profile features catalogs, brochures, and even a link to their website.


If participants can interact with each other, they should also be able to use the same app to interact with others who may not be visitors, and for that, a link to social sharing is a good thing to have in the app. Participants can spread the word, and you could even receive more registrations or ticket bookings.

Team collaboration

  • An event management app has a front side that is for attendees. The back end is for teams and event managers. Your app should have both with the backend side accessed only by your team members.
  • Your teams will be working on various aspects such as venue, catering, transport, and other facilities, and interaction is vital for success. Coordination before and during the event becomes easy when you build it into the app.
  • You will need a full-fledged dashboard through which you can send out SMS, push notification and email to attendees and let team members input data about activities and give a status report.

Polls, feedback and rating system

You will find these features indispensable to get to know the opinion of attendees. You could send out a notification to obtain their feedback during the event or after it and compile data that will be of use in the future. It need not be complex. Choose something like a 1 to a 5-star rating.

Discuss, design, deploy

It is easy to create concepts, but technical limitations may make it difficult to implement your concept for which the app development team will find workarounds. This involves discussions before a final concept is arrived at and agreed upon. Thereafter it is up to the event management app developers to go ahead, build, test, and deploy. Keep them by your side always. You will want your app updated on an ongoing basis based on feedback or your growing business needs.

Additional Reference: Event Marketing Tips for Online Businesses – Solutions …. https://www.abseconbusiness.com/event-marketing-tips-for-online-businesses.html

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