“Social commerce is all about giving social media an eCommerce functionality.”

When an eCommerce business runs well and gets enough engagement, it can be made even smoother with the help of social media. 

As per its nature, social media keeps everything continuous and engaged. It never stops. And even a portion of this globe sleeps, the other wakes up and engage at the same time. Thus social media works as an unstoppable vehicle for anything that requires engagement.

There are multiple benefits of social media to eCommerce and post to its transfusion into social commerce, and there are even more.

We’ll be going to talk about those benefits of social commerce in this blog afterward.

Consistent Audience Growth. Every day, thousands of new users join social media sites around the world. 

Once you integrate your eCommerce venture with your social media, you will never be demanding for any other source of user engagement. Though greed has no end, yet social media has a potency to fill your engagement void alone.

The reason being, social media is a platform in which the term ‘holiday’ doesn’t exist. People used to engage even more on holidays.

Reportedly, there are more than 4,50,000 new users that register every day on Twitter. With these figures, one can imagine the probability of user engagement through any social media network. 

1. Better SERP Performance

When it is about social commerce, it means the people on internet trade through the social media platform directly. It means they will not be asked to re-enter the e-commerce website again and are required to pay only for the product through the transaction page of the website.

Thus, we can conclude from this that, more will be the traffic redirection, the more will be the engagement with your website. And the higher the engagement, the higher will be the SERP ranking undoubtedly. 

Either you add eCommerce functionality to your social media profile you or embed your social media into your e-commerce website, it will be going to enhance your user engagement through traffic exchange. 

Also, in the latter case, it allows your audience to engage with a comment, like, or share to reach an even larger audience.

2. Easy exchange of Information raises user engagement

We all are enough regular with social media and can simply understand the habit of forwarding.

Daily memes, jokes, or any forwardable information merely take a second to reach another user. Thus, when eCommerce is done on a social media platform or should I say when social commerce, we can feel how much easiness of exchanging will be there for any sales-friendly information like Discount or sale.

3. Repeat Purchases

Once a user connects with your brand, he/she will be more likely to explore your brand’s profile. Thus, the probability of getting repeated purchases are high.

Not only the user but also he/she will recommend your brand to one of his/her friends.

The recommendation is human nature, and people usually recommend something they often prefer to their loved ones.

4. Business Metrics From Social

One of the best things social media offers is analytics and metrics. Be it Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook; each social media has its parameters. Results do matter when you are trying on at something, and unless you can not figure out how is the performance, it is not worth putting consistent effort into it.

There is one more way you can have a track-record for your social commerce results. You can integrate your social media with the eCommerce website through a social commerce tool.

Usually, social commerce tools like ‘Taggshop’ consist of a robust analytics tool with them, which can even provide you sentimental analysis regarding your engagement and overall performance.


There are numerous other benefits of integrating social media with eCommerce that include customer loyalty and retention, authentic engagement and credible traffic, a sound brand image through positive word-of-mouth, and whatnot.

Social commerce is all about making eCommerce easier than already it is. And the credit would largely go to the social media networks and a bit to the technology and their inventors.

This ease in commerce would not be possible only with social media, as mobile phones and faster communication mediums are parallelly responsible and creditworthy for it.

Additional Reference:

5 Business Benefits of Social Commerce – The Taggbox Blog.

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