Business owners have a lot of responsibilities on their heads, making it difficult for them to manage time efficiently. Having to make decisions, watch upon tasks, attend meetings and conferences, this becomes a lot to handle. Therefore, to run a business successfully, they are liable to do all the essential tasks within a limited time frame, which is why people pursue MSc in Entrepreneurship before starting their own business to improve their business skills. 

Time management is the key that helps a business owner to deal with all his tasks and manage his/her business. Therefore, you should always know some smart time management tips that will help you manage time efficiently. So, what are these tips, let’s find out–

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1. Plan your time

The first and foremost thing to learn for time management is to plan your time according to the tasks. Now, how to plan your time? Planning your time is not as tough as it seems. All you have to do is know the list of tasks that you have to go about for the day. It will help you to manage your time according to the tasks you have to do. 

Dividing your tasks according to your time will benefit you immensely. You will be able to give your full attention to the tasks as you have already planned a time frame for that particular task. 

Planning your time also brings efficiency to your work. Set a time for all of your work and try to complete it at that time only. Making a timetable will help you give a considerable amount of time to all of your tasks, meeting deadlines. 

Note that you should always keep room for extra tasks that may arrive on the spot and urgently need your attention. 

2. Prioritize your tasks 

As you plan your time, you also need to schedule your tasks according to their importance. It is because you should always know which jobs are more relevant and need urgent attention. Essential duties come first so that the load is off your shoulders, and also, at the end of the day, you will be left with light tasks.

Therefore, plan your schedule in the order of importance. Planning your schedule can be done using various methods. These methods will help you in following your program and will enhance your efficiency of doing tasks.

  • ABC Method: ABC Method helps you in numbering or setting your tasks alphabetically. You can give the first number (1) or letter (A) to the most important job which you need to do first.
  • The Eisenhower Method: The Eisenhower method helps you categorize your tasks into four categories. 
  • Important and Urgent: You need to categorize your responsibilities in this, which are essential and need to be dealt with urgently. You will categorize the tasks in this, which you cannot leave for later.
  • Important but not Urgent: In this category, those tasks are to be put, which are essential but are not so urgent to be done immediately.
  • Urgent but not necessary: In this category come those tasks which are urgent but are not of much importance. It can be an immediate call which you have to take, but the call is not so important. It is not benefiting you in any way, but as it was urgent, so you had to attend.
  • Not Urgent and not Important: This category is for those tasks that do not hold much importance and are not urgent. These tasks can be done at the end of the day as at the end of the day, you are likely to get tired, so it helps you do low priority tasks at that time. These tasks do not need too much effort.

3. Take rest in between tasks

Taking rest between tasks is one of the best tips to bring efficiency. Everybody and mind need to rest to function correctly. When you are doing tasks continuously one by one, your brain gets tired, and you are likely to confuse between two tasks. Therefore, it gets vital for you to take rest in between continuous jobs. It is like when you try two dishes, and you need to take a sip of water in between to know the taste of the second dish. Similarly, when you have to do tasks one by one, you should always rest after one task to complete the other task efficiently. 

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There is one such method which you can follow to take rest in between the tasks. 

Pomodoro Technique:

This technique is a time management technique that was developed by Francesco Cirillo. It came in the 1890s and is about setting a timer. This technique says that work for 25 minutes and take a break in between before doing another task. This way, you can take a rest between the tasks which will bring efficiency as well.

4. Learn Delegation

Delegation is the art of assigning tasks to another person. It helps to take off your load of doing a lot of tasks. To deliver a responsibility to any other person, you first need to understand which activities or tasks the other person can do without your help. When you know what jobs the other can do, you can easily delegate your duty to him/her in that particular task. 

Next, you can also find out if there is someone who can do 80% of your work. It will assist you in completing the task in a short duration. 

5. Lessen your distractions

When you are bound by time, you need to be careful not to waste a second of your time. It would help if you were mindful that there are fewer distractions. Of course, you cannot avoid total distractions as you are in a firm where there are many tasks done daily. So, saying that you have no disturbance is easier said than done. 

However, try and focus solely on the tasks that you’re doing. When you have the right concentration on your work, you are likely to have fewer distractions. Therefore, give your total attention and focus on the task you are doing at a time.


Every business owner has a lot of responsibilities, and he should know to deal with it. When you learn the importance of managing time, the business goes smoothly, and you complete the tasks right on time. Time plays a significant role in every field. Therefore, plan your time wisely, focus on what is important, and follow these tips to boost your business.


Abhyank Srinet holds a Masters in Management degree from ESCP Europe & has an engineering degree with a specialization in Instrumentation & Control. His interest in the digital landscape motivated him to create an online start up for Masters in Management application consulting (MiM-Essay), focused on spreading quality information about the MiM degree & performing application consulting services for clients. He is the chief consultant of the company and takes care of the Business Development and Digital Marketing side of the company. 

He is very passionate about writing and marketing.

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    Practicing better time management is a vital skill for any business, startups especially. Prioritizing tasks is key, but also our mental/emotional health. Glad to read an article that mentions both sides.

    If you’re interested in having a look at a free tool with a template for the matrix, feel free to have a look at my article on the Eisenhower Method: https://zenkit.com/en/blog/eisenhower-matrix-increasing-efficiency-via-task-prioritization Feedback is appreciated.


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