What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a kind of website that adapts to the screen size of a device. It can also be said that a responsive website changes the behavior according to a type of device and fits in so that the User experience is never compromised.

For more clarity about the responsive design we have included a video from Uberflip.

Video-Credit Uberflip

The usage of Smartphones has risen staggeringly with the progressing years. 

Versatile web use has an overpowered work region with most using mobile phones to shop on the web, for web banking, and glance through online life. 

Thus makes it gigantically essential to have a responsive website for your business needs. If you are a business person, you need a business site that capacities outstandingly on a mobile phone and other adaptable screens in light of how that sheer proportion of people will use your website through their wireless or tablet.

Right now, we are living in a time where the internet is easily available, and it is critical for your site to be seen on various devices. Along these lines, having a flexible, responsive website isn’t any progressively a decision yet somewhat a need. 

Importance of Responsive Website Design for Business: 

•Improved customer experience 

 User experience is indispensable to your business site. Having a compact, responsive web organization will make your website flexible neighborly as it will enhance the way wherein it looks on contraptions with both little and colossal screens. It offers a brilliant customer experience as the substance can be seen quicker and undeniably on all devices. 

•Responsive website has a better screen time compared to the non responsive variant

 When organized well with no zooming and investigating, it will make visitors increase their time on your website, this way, improving your rankings on the web record. Customers can examine your site without resizing and with least investigating. 

•Search engine upgrade gains

 SEO Having only a work zone simply webpage suggests that chances of situating commendably in the web lists will be less and which all you have to comprehend on Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. This way, having a responsive site is critical for Google to recognize your site as straightforward for flexible missions, appropriately, making way for improving request rankings. Giving a smooth unsurprising experience to your customers could provoke lead age, arrangements, and changes. 


Websites with responsive, flexible structures will rule. Quick stacking events of a well-performing responsive site makes higher credibility of customers to stay longer here than in a latent website. It will fabricate your situating and reduction your ricochet rate. 

•Monitoring Analytics

 You by and by having adaptable first requesting by Google. To check your site speed on Google Page Speed Insights, you should see the versatile speed page first instead of on the work zone. Associations can have all their Analytics, following, and itemizing in one spot with responsive web engineering. 

•Cost ampleness

By having a responsive web engineering, you can murder the cost of paying for a compact site page. It can get expensive if you have separate districts for your small and non-flexible customers. By placing assets into a single responsive web engineering connecting with visitors and that can be seen on regardless of screens sets you on the money. 


You can make changes quickly on a site with a responsive structure like making an arrangement change or fixing a linguistic mistake. Changes can be made swiftly and successfully on a responsive website. 

•Increase reach to customers and clients

Having a responsive web structure can make social sharing less difficult, ensures smooth SEO campaigns from top SEO administrations, this way helping you to grow a more noteworthy group for your picture.


These days most people are in the habit of spending a lot of time on Smartphones, tablets, and PCs surfing the internet and making online purchases, which is a reliable indicator that there are a lot of potential leads in the online market. 

This makes it extremely crucial to have a user-friendly website.

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