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Androids are known for their versatility. You can use your Android for most anything – playing games, watching movies on Netflix, you can even use your Android as a remote monitoring device if you’d like, and much more. However, without a doubt, almost every Android owner uses their device for productivity as well.

Side Note: A broken Android won’t be productive at all, especially if it isn’t turning on, is acting glitchy or won’t charge. If you are having any of these issues, head to a local cell phone repair shop to fix up your phone so you can get back to work.

In this article, we’re going to outline the best Note-Taking Apps for 2019. Note Taking is a quick and easy way to organize your thoughts, compile lists, remind yourself to do things, and overall boost your productivity.

If you want to check off more items on your to-do list, consider downloading one of these apps, or more!


Evernote is worth mentioning in the first position due to its popularity and versatility. Its interface might take some time to learn, so if you are looking for an easy to use Note Taking app that you can use to its fullest potential right off the bat, Evernote might not be the app for you.

Evernote is a feature-packed way to take notes, compile your notes into notebooks, create “stacks” of notebooks, and organize your notes with tags as well.

You can take notes in various mediums – you can write simple text notes, but you can also take notes with handwriting, audio recording, your camera, attachments and more.

The app is available on most devices and has a feature to sync your notes between desktop and phone.

You can set reminders, compile plans, or easily compose checklists. A bonus is the robust widgets you can use to add and access notes quickly.


DNotes might be considered a formidable Evernote alternative. However, it might be easier to use. It’s simple to make notes and checklists, and you can categorize your notes for the organization.

Like Evernote, you can share notes, easily search through them, and lock your notes with your fingerprint.

What’s more, you can customize this app, choosing from one of many themes, you can colorize your notes, and back them up to Google Drive or your SD card.

It’s worth mentioning that the app doesn’t require an account to start using it, unlike Evernote.

DNotes has widgets that are a bit customizable, and a bonus is that with Google Now integration, you can add notes by simply telling your Assistant to “Take a note,” followed by whatever you want to write in your Note.

DNotes is free and doesn’t display any annoying ads.

Scarlet Notes

Scarlet Notes features an elegant design and is built to offer you features and usability. Cloud sync is available if you sign in with Google.

Like Evernote, you can tag your notes to help you locate particular items with ease. You can also use a dark theme, and make your notes different colors for visual organization.

Scarlet Notes lets you lock sensitive notes with a pin code, and you can mark notes as favorites for easy access, view archived notes, and easily search through them. One standout feature of Scarlet Notes is the Markdown Formatting support.

Like DNotes and Evernotes, Scarlet Notes offers widgets.


ClevNote was designed to help you with your daily life activities, making it stand apart from the other Note Taking apps. You can take simple notes, but this is just the beginning.

For example, ClevNote can help you to save and organize bank account information, as well as making any to-do list. If you have a terrible memory, this app can remind you about birthdays. It has a “Website IDs” feature which allows you to save the username and URL of the website accounts you have.

If you think that this is much sensitive information to have on a note-taking app, you can rest easy knowing that ClevNote stores your information on your device with AES encryption, Also you can lock it with a passcode.

It’s possible to backup your information to Google Drive, and ClevNote offers widgets. Unfortunately, it has ads, which annoy some users.


ColorNote is a highly configurable app that has tons of features. You can sync your notes or back them up online, and choose from one of three themes to personalize your experience.

After you are done writing a note or checklist, ColorNote automatically saves your content when you push the back button – a handy feature for those of us who are forgetful.

The app can set reminders, and you can pin a checklist or Note to its status bar for easy access.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is “auto-link.” ColorNote detects phone numbers or internet links in your notes and automatically take you to your browser or dialer with a tap.

Finally, you can use widgets, colorize your notes, lock sensitive notes with passwords, organize your notes by day, and share them.


OneNote is from Microsoft, and as you’d imagine it syncs with your Microsoft computer. Like Evernote, you can take notes with handwriting, clip contents from the internet, and make simple text notes. You can also create notes by drawing.

OneNote allows you to organize your notes with tags and labels, and it’s easy to access everything you need within the app.

OneNote sets itself apart from the other Note Taking apps because it allows for collaboration. It is part of Microsoft Office and integrates with programs like Excel or Word nicely. It makes OneNote an ideal Note Taking the app for work, collaboration, and brainstorming.

Google Keep

It is an app created by Google. No list of Note Taking apps would be complete without Google Keep.

You can take Notes by audio recording, image, handwriting, or text. The clean interface makes the app easy to use right away.

You can organize notes by the label, set reminders which will pop-up as notifications in all the devices you are signed. You can even set reminders based on place.

So, for example, if you have a shopping list, you can set a reminder to appear when you enter a particular store.

Searching for notes is secure, and organization is possible by color coding each Note.

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