The number of mobile devices is expected to grow to 16.8 billion in 2023! (Source)

What idea do you get from this fact? Without any doubt, mobile app development is going to see another sharp rise in terms of growth. 

Businesses have already delved deeper into the world of mobile app development and have made an indelible mark on the minds of the users. Have you ever thought of how these companies have managed to make this impact? The answer is because they knew when to hire mobile app developers to outgrow the prevailing competition in the market. 

If you haven’t given mobile app development a thought, the right time is now! Looking for a reason to get one developed? We can help you with it.

Smarter marketing

Having an app for your business draws you closer to your clients. Launching an app can give you another chance to market your brand and lift its image in their eyes. Each mobile app offers specific functionality that attracts the users towards it. In the year 2017, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide was 178.1 billion. (Source) 

Your app also acts as a brand reminder to your users because if they have your app installed on their mobile phones, they will see your app and get reminded of your brand. 

Facilitate lead generation and higher conversion

Make it easy for your customers to order your products comfortably from their place. Your app will work as a salesman for your company. If you make the payment facility embedded with your app, you are likely to attract more users who will buy your product by ordering it through the app.

You can also get more connected to them by sending relevant deals and information to them. 

Effective communication

Trends keep on changing and you can never predict what will take over what in the coming years. Those who are your loyal customers today can switch to some other brand the other day. Keeping this in mind, you ought to strengthen the communication and remove all the barriers that come your way. 

A mobile app can act as a medium of communication between you and your customers. Engaging your prospects as well as customers can be made easy with it.

Gain valuable analytics

A mobile app can help you access a lot of useful information for further analysis and assessment. You can learn about the buying habits of the customers, their tastes and preferences and understand how you can make the user experience better and effective. 

You can obtain the user’s Geolocation, demographic data, and other statistics that can help you build a business strategy.

Establish customer loyalty

Having an app means having a common factor that can bind you with your customers. Losing a loyal customer is the biggest loss for any company. To protect the company from falling prey to such a loss, going for a mobile app is one of the best bets! 

The other way is to provide your customers with loyalty bonuses, discounts, and coupons to make them feel valued. You can take assistance from a professional mobile app developer. Hire one for your entity now to avoid missing the chance of creating a strong relationship with your customers. 

As of the second half of 2018, 43% of global mobile users were still using apps one month after they had downloaded them. The average three-month user retention rate was 29% and the churn rate was 71%. (Source)

This fact is enough to understand how important an app can be for a business and how things can change rapidly.

What next?

Let these reasons find their place in your mind and settle down. If you are an owner of a business, but without a mobile app, you may run out of your business soon. Before it gets too late, start looking for a hybrid mobile app development company.

While searching, you will come across companies like SoftProdigy. Feel free to contact them to know more about mobile app development services. 



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