SEO is a vast subject! Mastering it won’t happen overnight. And you know you are becoming an SEO expert when you can determine the real SEO facts from the theoretical ones. Today, the internet is filled with ample misinformation about SEO. And this makes people wonder which information they should trust and which not. That is a significant concern.

One of the most important goals of online business owners is to increase organic traffic, enhance brand awareness and visibility and increase online sales and profit. It is true for established, small and start-up businesses and even the MNC’s. For this, it is always advisable to join hands with an ace SEO service provider. To know more, you can check out SEO NYC service providers and join hands with one that caters to your SEO goals and requirements. You will find that sometimes with the simplest of SEO tactics you can attract more organic traffic. Some of the actionable SE0 tips you can use are the following:

1. Make sure to rank your content in featured snippets at Google

Most companies will encounter Featured Snippet in the search outcomes in various situations. Today, it is becoming much more prominent. It is especially true for keywords that carry a question, such as “how to make a power point presentation”.

Simply put, this Featured Snippet segment that appears in Google’s first page is an important part, where you can place your brand content. Recent studies on over a thousand keywords found that content that could fetch a rank in the Featured Snippet had an average click-through-rate to its site to more than 114%. It is one of the main reasons why you should opt-in for this.

2. Reclaiming a link

The efficiency of this SEO method to increase organic traffic to your website will be based on your business type. For the big brands, this method singularly can result in many new links with just minimal hard work. But that doesn’t mean you will only have to be a big brand for opting in for this tactic. In a nutshell, this method is all about finding the moment a user mentions your brand, business, service, product or even your contact, without linking to you. The moment you know and see that a user has done this, you can touch base with them and request for a link back to your site.  The process sounds and is very easy. And also the return on the time and conversion rate too is also very high.

3. Get a present website

It is one of the least spoken about and underrated SEO tactics. The moment people mull over this tactic of website acquisition, they feel that they need to spend a considerable sum of money to get this done. There are instances, where SEO experts have taken up websites that cost as much as $2,500. It is close to an amount that you spend on a basic SEO campaign every month. If you follow this process well, the ROI in the long-run on this process is a big one. Some of the most critical advantages of getting a website and simultaneously migrating it on your website are as follows:

  • It will help you get every traffic of the acquired site
  • You will encounter a big influx of interesting and new content on your website
  • What used to be the site’s keyword ranking will now be yours
  • You will have access to every link that the website had access to
  • You will experience an increase in organic traffic all across the site
  • In certain situations, you will also have the chance to completely take over the website’s mailing list subscribers and social media accounts

All these benefits must be sounding attractive to you! Hence, it makes sense to acquire a site and enjoy an increase in organic traffic. It would naturally increase your customer base and help your brand get more online prominence.

4. You can boost any underperforming content

It isn’t unknown that a vast portion of the leads and organic traffic of the most websites sources from a small section of the overall content present in the site. HubSpot is one example here, and there are many. And this situation presents with it ample scope that you will identify later, even if you don’t know now.  You might have content that ranks on search page results in two and three for specific targeted keywords. And this is where you can boost the underperforming content. However, you need first to find out the reasons why this content is underperforming and address the reason, if it’s something crucial. It’s better to take the help of your SEO service provider here and go about boosting the low performing content. Soon it will get you important organic traffic, that adds to your site’s value and growth.

5. Conducting a competitor link analysis

You will have access to many resources about competitive link analysis. In fact, most SEO professionals and experts agree that they should focus on this tactic more. It is the very first thing you’ll have to do when you’re planning a brand-new marketing campaign, irrespective of the project size. There are SEO professionals who’ve executed this for the local business as well as the high-end companies as well. And this works for both. It is the reason why even you need to opt-in for competitor link analysis, to make sure that your business grows more.

Are you wondering how to go about it? First, you will have to compile a quick list of all the competitors that are present in the industry. You can then browse through the websites and the pages that these companies are linking with their brand. Once you know it, you can search for opportunities to have access to such links.

Every online business today wants to get a meteor chunk of the online audience. For this getting more organic traffic is essential. In this dynamic and competitive digital domain, sometimes the simplest of the tactics work best, such as the SEO tips mentioned above.

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