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Biometric Attendance System helps organizations and industries to clock their employee’s time in and time out using the biometric technology like a fingerprint scanner or iris scanner. Using those precise data, the organizations keep track of working hours and attendance of all their employees efficiently.

IS Biometric Solution required in small organizations or Startup

However, the biometric solutions are not required in small organizations with 10-15 employees, as the attendance can be maintained with manual data records. But, as the organization expands and the number of employees increases up to 40-50 employees, the task of monitoring and recording the attendance would become challenging. Hence, it becomes crucial to invest in biometric attendance system. There are different models and brands, and the biometric machine price varies depending upon the features and models you intend to buy.

Primary Considerations Before Burying Biometric Machine 


The very first consideration when buying a biometric machine for your office is the receptiveness of the device. You need to ensure that the biometric device works efficiently without wearing off. In many cases, when there are small bruises or cuts on the fingers of the person, the machine becomes insensitive. Sometimes the machine’s scanner also gets smudges and may malfunction.

It may stop working to any fingerprint because of palms and sweats on the fingers. You have to check the receptiveness of the biometric machine and ensure to choose the tool that comes with smudge protection on the scanner. The scanner of the device must have a protective layer to prevent smudges from occurring on it. 


The second most crucial factor to consider is the precision of the biometric machine. The biometric machine that you are buying must offer precise and accurate results. This is only possible when it features a quality fingerprint scanner. Any glitch within the system can make the scanner faulty, and hence it won’t offer you precise records. So, it is better that you do some research and checks the machine before buying it. With proper security checks, you can quickly grab the best biometric machine for your office.


The third important factor that is worth considering in the budget. You are always required to keep mind the set budget when searching for the biometric machine. You need to have a budget set in your account.

Ensure to search for the biometric device within the set budget. The leading brands in the market today are ESSL and Real-Time, and both the models are known for their advanced features and cost-effective pricing. But it would help if you compared the Real-Time Prices and the ESSL attendance machine price to grab the cheaper and affordable deals. 

Pricing of the biometric machine is the crucial aspect to consider as all businesses run with specific budgets and investments. So, it would help if you weighed the returns and investments before buying the biometric machine for your establishments. System’s scope, after-sale support, hardware, management of machine in multiple locations, and system setup and integration are the other essential factors to consider. 

What are the Benefits of Biometric Attendance System?

With the best and quality biometric machines, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • It generates several reports based on the set criteria 
  • Offers you with precise reports by eliminating the basic calculation mistakes 
  • The process of record management and attendance is smoother and accurate and reduces the overall attendance and time recording costs
  • You can easily integrate it into the payroll system efficiently for employee’s salary records
  • The employee time frauds can be eliminated as it helps in clocking the employee’s time out and time in precisely
  • Security levels of the Biometric Attendance System can amp up automatically with its installation because it can prevent the perish proxy punching and it also works as a defaulter
  • It helps managers to calculate the salary of employees and insurance requirements. It enables the employers to calculate the total hours worked and maintained part/full-time employee records.      


Although it comes with built-in memory storage, employers can keep the data collected securely in the internet cloud server for future usages. Biometric Attendance System is a worthwhile investment for any business.

It costs you around Rs. 5000 INR to Rs. 50000 INR depending upon the features and technologies integrated. However, with the comparison of the pricing of different Biometric Attendance Systems, you can grab the best and cheaper deals possible. is the reliable comparison site that allows you to compare the rates all Biometric Attendance Systems available out there. 

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