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In November 2017, Twitter introduced Promote Mode on Twitter for Business. But what is it?

Social media has grown substantially over the last decade. Billions of people use social media every day. This makes it a prime area for businesses promoting their products or services. Social media is popular across diverse demographics, mainly because it’s free.

Over the years, better devices like smartphones and accessible services like Spectrum cable and internet have made it easy for people to connect to social media. So it makes sense to want to target social media users. And social media offers a number of targeting options. This means you can make sure your ads end up in front of the right eyeballs. Well more than traditional advertising and promoting methods anyway. Also, Lead Generation has become much easier with the help of Social Media

But running social media ads isn’t as simple as it sounds. You need a certain degree of precisions plus a healthy budget to get substantial results. Unfortunately, many people and businesses on Twitter often have neither. This is where Twitter Promote can be really handy. For $99/month, you can get started on it right away.

But before you do, have a look at these things:

  1. What is Twitter Promote?
  2. Using Promote Mode
  3. Targeting with Promote Mode
  4. Who is it best for?

Let’s examine these points before you go rushing in blindly.

What is Twitter Promote?

Twitter Promote is an always-running “promotion engine”, according to Twitter. The mode looks to automate your brand marketing efforts on Twitter. All for $99 per month. Twitter advertises this cost as less than a cup of coffee a day. What happens is that Twitter’s algorithm automatically selects tweets that pass internal requirements and promotes them. Your message reaches a larger audience and your brand influence grows, based on Twitter’s algorithm.

According to Twitter, you can reach up to 30,000 more people and add an average of 30 new followers every month. However, results may obviously vary depending on several factors.

Using Promote Mode

When using Promote Mode, it helps to keep a few things in mind. First, you need to keep using Twitter as you normally do. Preferably at least 1-2 tweets a day should work. Post links, media, updates and content you want to present to your audience.

Promote Mode will automatically select your tweets and boost them. Organic tweets that pass Twitter’s internal requirements join the daily targeting campaign aimed at your audience. Usually, the first few Tweets of the day get the most attention. Promote mode also directs traffic onto your Twitter profile, bringing potential new followers.

You can run Promote Mode along with any other ads on Twitter. You also get access to simple analytics to see how your campaigns are performing. Bear in mind that only organic tweets get promoted. This means that you shouldn’t expect results from quote tweets, replies or retweets. Billing is a flat $99 per month for the service, which translates to $3.30 per day.

Targeting with Promote Mode

Are you a novice at running social media ads? You’re probably wondering how you can target audiences with promote mode. Twitter Promote has somewhat limited targeting options. You can choose from between targeting audiences based on their interests or on their location.

If you choose interest-based targeting, you can choose up to 5 interests at a time. Bear in mind that the interest-based targeting is only limited to the country you selected when you signed up for the service. Similarly, if you choose location-based targeting, you can select up to 5 metro locations within your country.

Who Is it Best For?

Promote Mode can be a handy tool depending on certain circumstances. For instance, it will work for you if:

  • You haven’t been spending on advertising, and $99 doesn’t seem like such a bad deal for promotion. After all, your business’ monthly Spectrum internet packages are probably higher.
  • You have been spending more than $99 on advertising but not getting good results
  • You have an account with less than 20,000 followers. 30 new followers each month are less impactful for larger accounts with millions of followers.

Should you give Twitter Promote mode a try? The decision is entirely yours. Just keep in mind the information we discussed above before you commit yourself.



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