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Investing in a fixed deposit or term deposit is a bit tricky nowadays as the bank FD rates are not ideal for generating surplus returns at maturity. Also, investors are perplexed due to the troubled economy and uncertain market conditions. Therefore, it is a must for you to focus on two key things. The first is the returns, and the second is to judge whether a particular FD scheme will provide a stable platform to invest in or not. 

To earn sufficient returns, you will need to find an FD scheme offering a high FD interest rate. An FD interest rates calculator can make your job easier as it will provide quick details about the ongoing FD rates and tenor options. Moreover, it will also shed light on the applicable interest rates for specific customer categories. Finally, with the help of this online tool, you will calculate the FD returns without any hassles. 

Bajaj Finance FD scheme will help your savings to grow at interest rates of up to 7.25%. This FD rate is vast considering the present scenario where most banks offer FD rates that are slightly above 6% and that too for the longer tenors. This FD scheme will also provide a stable investment platform as credit rating agencies like CRISIL and ICRA have rated it highly for securing the depositor’s money. The other benefits of investing in its FD plans are given below:

Higher interest rate to senior citizens 

With the Bajaj Finance FD scheme, senior citizens will accelerate their savings at a 0.25% additional FD rate. It will help them to earn better returns than others. 

The monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, and annual interest payout options available through non-cumulative FDs will help them generate a regular income after retirement. 

Better returns 

Bajaj Finance FD is certainly offering much better returns than bank FDs. It provides better returns than post office FDs as well. For understanding this better, let’s take an example:

Suppose that you have gathered a corpus of Rs. 20,00,000 and want to invest it in a fixed deposit plan for five years. The returns that you are expected to get after investing this amount in bank FDs, Bajaj Finance FD scheme, and post office FDs are given in the below table:

FD plan Amount Tenor Interest Rate Interest gains Maturity Amount

Bank FD Rs. 20,00,000 60 months 6% Rs. 6,93,710 Rs. 26,93,710

Bajaj Finance FD Rs. 20,00,000 60 months 7.25% Rs. 8,38,027 Rs. 28,38,027

Post Office FD Rs. 20,00,000 60 months 6.7% Rs. 7,88,134 Rs. 27,88,134

Other options 

You can even invest in more than one fixed deposit plan with the help of a multi-deposit facility. As per this feature, you are free to choose the tenor, FD type, and deposit amount for each of your deposits. 

You don’t have to make separate payments for every FD, as one cheque needs to be deposited against all the FDs you have chosen to invest in. The returns of each deposit can be calculated in advance by using an FD calculator. 

The option of investing online through an online FD form is also available, and you will be receiving a 0.10% higher FD rate on choosing the online process of investment. 

Systematic Deposit Plan

If you are not thinking about FDs currently, you can think of SDP (Systematic Deposit Plan) from Bajaj Finance. This deposit plan allows you to start investing with only Rs. Five thousand every month, and the number of deposits can be conveniently set between 6 and 48 as per your convenience. 

Also, you can prefer to set the same tenor of up to 60 months for each of your deposits, or you can select a single maturity date on which all the deposits will mature at once. Therefore, you can choose to receive maturity proceeds every month, or you can collect a single corpus through multiple deposits according to your financial requirements and needs. 

This deposit scheme is ideal for those who don’t want to deposit all their earnings in a fixed deposit. It is also a perfect plan for the younger generation that has just started earning.

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