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It goes without saying that when you hire a content writer it should serve your purpose of marketing. In fact, when you hire for a content writer you must remember that this is actually an art and science as well. Alternately, if you do not hire the right content writer then this can also be your worst nightmare.

Just like choosing any other service or product, selecting the content writer for your business purpose will need time and patience. Therefore, you will need to be responsible to play your part in hiring a content writer who will be well abreast with:

  • The current SEO strategies
  • The best practices followed in content writing
  • The need and demand of the market and the users and
  • The latest tools and software to use to create the best content.

Such a knowledgeable and expert content writer will not only help you to work perfectly and do well in this incredibly fast-paced business environment, but also help you to beat and stay ahead of the competition.

The wrong approach

Just like any modern business, you should have your marketing plans and process streamlined which will, in turn, help you to get your job done and the desired results achieved much faster.

In most of the times it is seen that business owners take the easy way out and feel tempted to:

  • Log on to a specific freelance writing platform out of a host of these available out there
  • Fill in the form along with the job description and then
  • Simply hire the person that responds with an hour or so.

Simple as it may seem, this process also involves one crucial thing: just hoping the person hired turns out to be effective and efficient, if not the best. The truth is they are often disheartened!

This is an entirely wrong approach. Even if you hope for the best and keep your fingers crossed, the chances of hiring a content writer who will be the best fit for your business are slim to none. You will certainly not get the result you desire but almost certainly get a bad headache and lose clients pretty fast.

Have a plan

To start with, you should have a clear and proper plan if you want to outsource your work. You must also have a few contingencies ready so that you eliminate the chances of any disaster that includes lost time, money and clients.

If you have a plan, your job will be easy and foolproof. This will help you to have a proper briefing session that will eventually help you to tie up the loose ends if any. During your briefing session and research look for specific aspects of the writer such as:

  • Knowledge about content marketing and managing expectations
  • Deciding the cost factor
  • Devising a better scoring system
  • Knowing the budget and sticking to it
  • Drafting a contract and scope of work
  • Drafting and distribution of jobs
  • Preparing several test assignments and
  • Reviewing and scoring applications.

With a little bit of planning and a lot of diligence, you will be able to hire the best content writer that will help you create contents that your clients will appreciate, get engaged with and make a purchase. It can only happen when you have better SEO.

Excellent written communication skills

There are a few qualities to look for to ensure that you end up hiring a good content writer. To start with the content writer should have excellent written communication skill. This is the first and foremost requirement of a quality content writer. This will ensure that your content will be liked by Google and it will not have the things that Google strictly dislike such as:

  • Wrong grammar
  • Spelling mistakes and
  • Poor sentence construction.

These will not only reduce your SEO ranking and make your content poor but will also lower the credibility of your site and content.

Proofreading and editing ability

A good content writer must be able to proofread and edit a text and update the work. This is required on a regular basis so that your content is not only free from errors but is also fresh. Therefore, a good content writer has to wear both the hat of the writer as well as that of an editor.

Most people do not emphasize on the editing aspect thinking that rectifying errors in the first draft of the blog post is a waste of time. Instead, they can put this time into more productive purposes such as creating entirely new content or some other blog maintenance activities. However, this is not the case and is an entirely wrong approach.

In fact, proofreading and editing will ensure an errorfree and high-quality content that will churn out more traffic eventually.

Few other specific qualities

The good content writer should also possess a few basic qualities. Typically, modern content writing does not involve writing but emphasizes more on storytelling. In traditional content, writing focus was more on three basic things such as:

  • Grammar
  • Choice of words and

Now, storytelling has been included along with these prerequisites. This needs personal experiences and perceptions. This will help in breaking down complex topic and subject matters into simpler components that will help it to relate with your readers. Great storytelling ability of the writer will raise the interest of the readers, keep them entertained and at the same time teach them about your product, evoke emotions and encourage them to take a specific action while being concise.

Personality and research proficiency

Modern content needs to be personalized so that it establishes a connection with the readers. When you include relatable stories and real experience in your content will ensure that they read it and even come back for more. This is the ultimate requirement for better SEO.

Make sure that the content writer you hire has research proficiency so that the end results come out to be the best. A well-written and well-researched content will always rank high in search engine results.

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