3 Event Marketing Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Intriguing and drastically intense marketing tool

Event industry have become the major way to collect money and it also endorse the business procedures and process. Through it business companies increase their business sales and services as well as enhance the customer relationship. It is expensive and powerful marketing tool. Business from across the globe spend approximately 30% of total budget on making their event successful. Although, it is more costly rather than the development of new product of company. Business experts and professionals acknowledge the value of event for businesses. Round about figure $400 billion of dollars revenue generated by companies merely in USA and UK.

The number of income figure has been increasing with the passage of time. Usually, companies held various kinds of events like company training workshop, company product launch event, conference and meeting, exhibition and trade show booth, ip camera etc. In the modern world success in business can get after organizing the Successful event. The successful event has become eminent aspect for business procedures and process. It is becoming popular rapidly across the globe. Successful event not just endorses the business as well as enhance the capabilities of employees which becomes the reason of enormous profit for business companies. Although, flop event will take you to disaster end of your business.

As you now understand the value of event. Without organizing a successful event by companies there is no business. There is nothing inferior for event organizers than the empty chairs in Event. Technology has been playing as a key role in the event marketing.

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We are going to highlight the mistake which event organizers do in event marketing:

  • Not utilized the iPad, laptop and tablet
  • Failing to subtle the importance of social media marketing
  • Complex and poor online registration procedure

Not utilized the iPad, laptop and tablet

Usually, the businesses who didn’t identify the iPad role in marketing procedure failed. Because the value of iPad and laptop in events marketing has immense. Event organizers or marketing team member can’t do the effective marketing without technology devices. Therefore, first step towards successful event marketing should the availability of iPad, laptop and tablet for marketing team members. For this purpose most of companies hire the iPad and iPad stand from iPad hire companies instead of buy and used it in event marketing procedures for prosperous results.

Failing to subtle the importance of social media marketing  

Social media marketing have become the intense and famous marketing tool. Approximately more than 4 billion people had connected with each other through social media. Marketing team members who didn’t follow and used the social platforms usually failed to get audience intention. Social media has been playing a major role in the event marketing. Through it, event organizers became able to direct communicate with audience in an effective way. Therefore, your marketing team need to create the Facebook event page as well as start the twitter hashtag where people can share their ideas, information and knowledge regarding to your event.

But for the effective use of social media, your marketing team needs iPad, tablet and laptop. Small businesses which can’t afford it, so it is recommended for them, they should take the iPad and laptop on rent from iPad and laptop rental companies at very low rates for a little period of time.

Complex and poor online registration procedure

Near about, 70% of people who start to complete the registration form, they never complete it because of the poor and complex registration form. Therefore, make your registration form is very simple and convenient which should consist on just a few queries.

There are many other marketing mistakes you shouldn’t do that but these are necessary which you need to follow for flourish and enormous profit.

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