If your ultimate dream is to ensure that your business runs on different platforms, a cross-platform framework holds the key! It is one of the efficient and cost-effective business tools in the online world. This gives the idea to build cross-platform mobile apps a considerable success. The fantastic thing about cross-platform mobile app development is the fact that it offers a wide array of benefits irrespective of the size, revenue, and model of your business. 

Today, we are seeing lots of changes in the way organizations are conducting businesses. We are seeing companies shifting from websites to mobile applications. The problem is, companies are finding it challenging to select the right framework with an appropriate platform.

Most of the companies are shifting from websites to mobile applications. The entire mobile app industry is facing a significant challenge when it comes to selecting the right framework with an appropriate platform.

 This is where the development process becomes even more vital.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will provide a list of cross-platform mobile app development frameworks that are loved by developers. We promise after reading this piece of content; you will get a fair idea to select the appropriate cross-platform framework for your development needs.

Before we proceed further with the cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, it is essential to learn its definition. It is an exclusive framework that enables developers to create unique mobile applications that can be employed on different platforms like iOS and Android. It gives absolute rights to the developers through which they can write the code for both the platforms without any problem.  

Earlier, these types of mobile frameworks contained unpredictable application behavior and performance problems. However, with time, these have become mainstream as the cost of development for both the platforms are on the rise as we write.  

Let’s now divert our attention to the leading cross-platform mobile app development framework loved by developers.

Ionic: Single Codebase on Any Platform

Ionic is a great cross-platform mobile app development framework that is fast becoming popular amongst developers. With its help, you can develop hybrid mobile apps for a variety of smartphone OS devices. On top of this, it is an enterprise-ready framework that aids in creating a safe, dynamic & intricate app for a wide array of industries.

Ionic is excellent to work on technologies, including CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, and SASS. Being an open-source mobile app development framework, it is possible to develop creative and effective user interfaces for your app. On top of this, it employs a single codebase to develop an app for different app stores.  

It is possible to create smart & interactive UI’s with the help of this framework. You can even add several JavaScript components, CSS, and other plugin libraries that make your app artful and agile.

The primary reasons for opting for Ionic mobile app development framework are:

  1. It is supported by a vibrant community that consists of roughly 5M developers in more than 200 countries. 
  2. The apps developed by employing the Ionic framework has the durability and stability of the open web. The reason being, it has the tried-and-tested universal runtime in the world. It can be regarded as the best bet on the World Wide Web.
  3. It is an open-source SDK that assists in developing cross-platform mobile apps and PWAs.

ReactNative: A JavaScript Library Framework

ReactNative is a JavaScript framework that can be employed for writing real, natively rendering Android and iOS applications. It takes into consideration React, Facebook’s JavaScript library that assists in developing the user interface. It concentrates on mobile platforms instead of targeting the browser. 

In simpler terms, in case a developer works on React Native to write simple, quick mobile apps. This can be done with the comfort zone of a familiar framework and a singular JavaScript codebase. React is a JavaScript library that is essential for developing user interfaces, specifically for the web.

The primary reasons for opting ReactNative mobile app development framework:

  1. In comparison to standard iOS and Android development frameworks, react-native provides a much stronger developing experience. Since the application is mostly JavaScript, you can avail lots of benefits of web development, including the instantly “Refresh” to reflect the code alterations.
  2. React Native works efficiently on varied platforms. Since most of the API’s of React Native are cross-platform, you need to write a single React Native code, and it will work efficiently on both iOS and Android.
  3. React Native is actually native.

Adobe PhoneGap: Scintillating Mobile Apps Through Open Web Technology

Adobe PhoneGap is a cross-platform that lets you reuse prevailing web development skills to swiftly create hybrid applications with the help of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Using these ingenious technologies, developers can create hybrid mobile apps that can be employed on iOS, Android, and Windows platform. The fantastic part is, the applications developed by applying the mobile web browser extends the same benefits of a common language to the developers.  

The primary reasons for opting ReactNative mobile app development framework:

It is possible to create a desktop app most conveniently by seamlessly employing new PhoneGap apps without applying the command line.

2. With the help of PhoneGap, it is possible to connect the devices to the appropriate development machine locally. This way, it is possible to see the changes on an instant basis without the requirement to re-sign, re-install your app, or re-compile to test the code.

3.Ensure smoothness in developing a mobile app. Get app ready without requiring to maintain native SDK (Software Development Kit). 

Final Words

There are lots of cross-platform mobile app development frameworks out there, but the ones that we have mentioned are the best. Ensure that you take the best advantage of these mobile app development frameworks to take your business to the new heights of success. Always pay proper attention to your target before your selection and ensure that you ask the ultimate objective of your application. This way, you will be able to create an ingenious mobile app using a cross-platform mobile app framework. To create highly scintillating mobile apps, contact a professional cross-platform mobile app development company today!

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