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It is rightly said that “Content is King” and often writers feel they are running out of ideas to create content.In 2017 Artificial intelligence can play a major role in content creation because more and more companies are now inclining towards content automation.Remarkable content wins the race but that is not easy to create when you are running out of ideas.Do this mean that humans will not create content?Don’t panic!! bots are still not capable enough to generate content without human intervention.

Here are some killer content creation ideas that you can use in the year 2017

See trending topics

You can create content related to news and articles which are trending in your area or across the globe.You can easily know about trending topics through television, newspapers and social media.

Following are the social media platforms from where you can see trending topics:

Involve in discussions

Trending topic is not enough, you should also engage in discussions. An active discussion gives a rough idea what others think and feel about that topic.Thus you can create content in such a manner which is more engaging and appealing to your readers.

Search Questions and Answers

These days people have a tendency to find a solution to any problem on the internet.The best example of a website that has leveraged this technique of content creation is Wikihow.


Websites like Quora and Stack overflow have a huge database of questions and answers that can give you new ideas for your content.

Read a lot of content

If you are stuck at creating content you can read what others are creating.Thus you will get the idea how and what type of content they are creating.

Observe which type of content performs well

Analyze what content gets the highest engagement on social media. There are lots of tools and website which gives you information about content performing well. Thus you can get the idea of the content you should create.


I am sure you might me having some more ideas to share.Please comment below if you want to share some new ideas related to content creation.I am eagerly waiting for your reply.


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By Ankit Chauhan

Ankit Chauhan  is a software engineer by education. He is the Founder, Author and Content Strategist at Digipro Marketers. He is currently into digital marketing services. He is a Vskills Certified Digital Marketing Master and also holds a B.Tech degree in Information Technology. He is into digital marketing from the past 6 years.

4 thoughts on “Content creation ideas to use in 2017”
  1. Article is so good but please suggest to people. how they can start up in this area because many people have very creative idea. but they don’t no how they can share the ideas with other and now days every one aware about this social media platform but they don’t no how they can start or how they can use this platform.. So i would like to say you. If you want to share some idea or thought about this area in deeply than it will help to us.

  2. Chetan bro 🙂 Thanks a lot for the reply. I will definitely create and share some more articles with you so that you can start using social media platform better. Please share your email id so that i can reach up to you.

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