Thought For the Day: Internet and Innovation should have no boundaries

The advent of AI has brought us some significant changes, like the Siri on your iPhone or the Alexa. How do you think are these soft wares talking to you as a real person? This is all possible with AI.

Would you go from place to place in search of a barber or just say “ok google, show me barbers near me”? Extra work is nobody’s delight and that is why we came up with the introduction of AI in service desk platforms.

Artificial Intelligence is essentially the power of responding to anything in the way a human would. We haven’t reached the highest level yet but have surely made a landmark achievement in the field. Imagine you ask a question to your computer like “what is today’s market value for XYZ company?” and instead of just the stock details you get advice on whether to invest or not, everyone would want some of that. That is exactly what AI does.

Service desks have proven to be helpful for customers to get their queries clarified without having to brainstorm. However, they are monotonous to the service providers. It can get extremely frustrating to answer the same question and the chances of giving out the wrong or dissatisfactory information are always persistent. Implementation of AI in service desks helps you solve this problem within minutes.


1)Easiest CHATBOT system:

Implementing AI in the service desk helps you to solve customer queries quickly and in a highly efficient manner. With prompts and suggestive texts, AI CHATBOT is extremely user friendly and amiable. It has an IT-specific language and creates an intuitive user experience. The extensive library with rich design widgets adds to the ease of this AI CHATBOT.

2)The GenZ knowledge Management:

Add or update the information to your CHATBOT as easily as uploading a story on Instagram. Advance data-driven knowledge personalization makes it even more comfortable to add byte-sized nuggets of information to the AI help desk software.

3)Inbuilt incident management:

Prioritizing the customer queues based on the importance of the question and ticket analyzing is just one of the many uses of implementing AI in help desk software.

4)Uninterrupted Live chats:

Nobody likes to be stopped in the middle. Especially when you are asking a doubt. If the AI is unable to answer a question it can instantly connect the customer to a human representative for an unambiguous delivery of answers. The agent is provided with the details of the query and also the previous references to take off without any perplexes.


Learning is now intuitive and interactive as this feature enables

-Live help to students from their coaches.

-Chat and web widgets are available on MS Teams.

-Admins can create or add content like videos, quizzes, blogs for better understanding.


Push notifications for multiple channels, phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Advance scheduling feature enables you to book a query to be resolved at a certain time, beforehand.

7)Advance process orchestrator:

assign humans as an approver, reviewer, or for advanced tasks. SLA management, end to end process management over days to weeks. You can also automate routine tasks such as e-signatures, filling forms, sending emails, creating documents.

8)Insightful Analytics:

Easy to reflect and visual dashboards. You can capture user feedback after every interaction, on how they liked your services, and how helpful it was for them. Clear and understandable statistics with insights into what the customer needs.

9)Multiple channels enabled:

The software is available on TEAMS and mobiles. Both android and iOS users can make complete use of your AI service help desk on a Phone, laptop, mac, or tablet. Natural language-based interference, power of knowledge, and process automation of your phone are now at your fingertips.

If Put to use correctly, AI helps increase agent productivity, reduce costs, helps forecast IT issues, identify the issues, manage changes better, and improve key metrics including resolution times and SLA compliance level.

It not only improves your IT support decision-making but also improves customer experiences, traffic on your websites, and comes with frequent upgrades that keep you in the battle.

Agents love the power of AI in service desks because it has better data stacking ability than humans, boosts efficiency without much manpower, is affordable, and has helped small companies come into the eyes of this huge corporate market.

The companies that can implement AI in service desk the earliest will have more space to focus on providing amazing customer service, and more insights to focus on. Even if you don’t believe the revolutions it is creating, you can’t afford to ignore it completely.

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