All security service providers do their best in giving the cybersecurity highest priority, yet there is a race in between these cybersecurity providers. 

Today, we are talking about Bitdefender Total Security that claims to offer complete 360-degree protection. Now, in this new internet age, cyber threats are not only in the form of viruses. They are also in the form of worms, trojan horses, backdoors, PUAs, etc.

The following are some of the mind-blowing features in Bitdefender Total Security.

Quick Scan

This type of scan quickly scans and checks the area where the infection is most common. For instance, it examines your system’s protected areas, System 32, which is the most favorable place for your device.

System Scan

System scan is the depth scan of all your files on the system. This type of scan is slower than a quick scan, but it can detect and eliminate threats that may get skip in a quick scan.

Credits: Bitdefender Security

Vulnerability Scan

A vulnerability scan checks out for any vulnerabilities that might be in your system. Of course, exposure is by itself, not a threat. Still, it’s a kind of a loophole in network security—most hackers look out for vulnerabilities in an operating system to gain unauthorized access into your system.


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a feature in which you can make your IP address anonymous to prevent a network attack.

Safe Pay

Safepay is a feature in Bitdefender’s total security when you do any transactions in a browser or an app.

File Shredder

Bitdefender total security’s File shredder is a feature to permanently delete sensitive files or folders.


Bitdefender’s Real-time protection can block any threat from running on your device.

Advanced Threat Defence

Advanced Threat defense can identify suspicious behavior and blocks even zero-day attacks from compromising your device.

Online Threat Prevention

Online threat prevention is cloud-based security that comprises a Global Protective network and secures your device by blocking any online threat.


Firewall monitors connections performed by your apps and provide advanced control of network connectivity.

Ransomware Remediation

Ransomware Remediation reverses any damage done by ransomware by restoring encrypted files.

Credits: Pixabay

Password Manager

Bitdefender Total Security also has a password vault, and it keeps all your passwords in a single place. Modern browsers like chrome, safari, and edge also have these password managers, but it’s not advisable to use them in conjunction with Bitdefender’s password manager.


Antispam is one of the great features in Bitdefender’s total security. It filters out spam or phishing emails not meant for you. So now, with this feature, you can concentrate on the emails that do matter.

Anti Tracker

When you browse the internet web trackers collect your data. These trackers are employed for user profiling and ads targeting and are usually harmless. Bitdefender’s Anti Tracker feature blocks web trackers from collecting your data .

Parental Wellbeing

This feature is meant for the parents, and you can block websites not meant to be consumed by kids. 


The anti-theft feature assists you in locating your device in case of loss or theft. It can wipe and erase your personal data to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

One-click Optimizer

It identify and remove unnecessary files from your device in one easy step.

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