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Exciting news for the android users today is that they have a variety to choose from in everything. Whether you are looking for any applications or anything else; you can find them in abundance if you are an android user. Now, if you like to watch plenty of videos and movies and love it when you get a way to download your preferred video media; you should check out the wonderful applications. 

Of course, there are so many amazing video downloading applications that give you the variety that you cannot even think of.  What you can do is you can download 9apps Apk and this third party play store is going to get you variety of applications for downloading and streaming videos content. A few of the applications that you can think of installing are like:

AVD Download Video

This application is a great way to get all the videos you like to watch and download. The app has a determined browser that can automatically make out if there is any streaming media on your android device and offer the option to download the same on the smart device you are making use of.  The point is the hassle of choosing the link and copying it and then pasting it for the process of downloading becomes really eliminated. When you make use of this app it is automatically going to show you the option to download and you can click on it in case you want or you can also overlook it if you don’t want to download then.  In this way, things get easier for you!

Video Downloader

The application allows you to download all types of video media and that too without much effort. You just have to paste the URL link of the video that you are trying to download and hence the application would download it for you. This app is going to give you a comfortable experience. It does not really matter which type of video or movie you want to download, once you have pasted the URL of the same in the video downloader app, the downloading begins right away. In this way, you get the content you want in the easiest way.


This is also a good application for android users and it lets you watch and download the entertaining media from manifold platforms. Once you have installed Vidmate 2018 file or any other version of this application; you would get access to all the video content that is available on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotion, Tumblr, Vimeo, and Vivo and so on for your convenience. Moreover, formats and resolutions of the video can also be selected by you.


It is a well-known YouTube Downloader for Android. The platform also can download videos from different types of famous sites such as Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The application is a reliable source and offers quick downloading speed. You can comfortably and without any problem pick the quality of YouTube videos before you even download it. You can even do the customization of the platform as per your need. Whether you want to set bookmarks or pause the procedure of downloading; you can do that easily.


Thus, you should check out these applications for unlimited video content!

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