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Ranking in the SERPs using SEO becomes kind of tough when you’re expecting it to happen in a short period of time.

Yes, definitely SEO is a foolproof method of achieving higher ranks but if you’re in a hurry, it is better to not rely on SEO as it is very time-consuming.

But there is a way that can show you some ray of hope.

There are certain SEO techniques that are easy to imply and they can even be done all by the user. And now the best part, they act pretty fast compared to the conventional SEO techniques.

So, let’s not spend much time elsewhere and jump directly into the particulars.

1. Optimizing Titles and headings

It is quite surprising when people pay a lot of money to various SEO providers and such providers don’t even add keywords to the headings and titles of the content they provide.

How come is this even possible?

I mean, adding keywords to the titles and headings is basically nothing but just basics of SEO.

And if you are expecting high up ranks without even putting keywords in the titles and headings then I’m sorry to say but you’ve lost a lot of your money.

So, talking about SEO, let me make this clear to you that title tags have the highest weight here. Even putting proper keywords in the H1 tag, i.e., the main heading.

H1 tags are the most important part of any webpage and it should be at the topmost of any content page. Usually, people tend to mix up between the title of a webpage and the heading but it isn’t a big deal.

And if you are looking for spaces where your keywords will work better, this is definitely one of such spots.

2. Prioritizing Pages That Help in Website Navigation

So, if I ask you what is the most important structural element in an entire website, what will your answer be?

It’s pretty simple. The navigation.


Source: Pixabay

The navigation bar, residing on the top of a website is usually the common part of any webpage on the whole website. Not just that, but it also increases the weights of the other pages of the website.

If you notice closely then you can easily track the pages which are optimized. You’ll find them in the navigation section. This makes them much important in the eyes of Google.

And this is the very reason why Homepages have such high authority over all sites. Why? Because the logo on every page gets linked to it.

3. Implementing Tracking in The Site

Who doesn’t want to figure out the issues present in their website?

Everyone does. Nobody wants their users to face issues landing on their website. isn’t it?

That’s why you need to track your websites on a regular basis. Emphasize on those pages which have a high traffic volume. Optimizing them won’t let you go slow and will provide the users with a swift browsing experience.

This will even bring down the bounce rate of your relevant traffic as well.

In such a case, my recommendation would be using Google’s Tag Manager to track all your codes. This will help you manage them afterwards with much ease.

4. Get an SSL Certificate

SSL has been an inevitable factor since long ago. But since 2014, it has also turned into a ranking factor.


With the upsurge of cybercrime scenes, getting an SSL certificate for your website is now the first things website owners run after, after setting up their website.

Getting an SSL certificate for your website is not a tough task, to be frank. Most of the times, you can just ask your website host to manage it for you.

5. Securing Map Listings

This is something that no one can snatch from you easily, but you implement it, your website value will increase, immensely.

If you try listing your business in Google’s My Business, it is surely gonna be of much good for your behalf as it allows you to list your business several times on Google.


Source: Pixabay

And that’s not it. These listings will also act as a backlink for your website increasing your value for the search engines.

Now when you’re ready with your listing, fill the required details properly. Add eye-popping images of your location, your products and of course of your team. This in return helps to gain the trust of your potential buyers.

6. Increasing Website Loading Speed

Loading speed is quite a deciding factor when it is about increasing your website traffic.

And there are a number of things on which the loading speed of a website depends.

Usually, loading speed gets slowed due to file related issues but at times, conflicts created by PHP can also be the reason for your website’s slow loading speed.

So, does your website have a good number of unnecessary plugins or a huge number of extensions bringing down the loading speed of your website?

Just get rid of the ones except those which are inevitable.

Just for example, if you have a slider plugin in your website, you can just replace it with a CTA button.

7. Interlinking to Keyword Rich Pages Is a Must

This is the most effective and most recommended SEO technique currently in the market.

You can simply link the important pages of a website to certain anchor texts. And trust me, this is much less risky compared to building backlinks on such anchor texts that are keyword rich.

And the most important thing, it remains completely under your control.

So, whenever you’re planning to add any new content to your website, just keep this point on your list of to-do tasks if they are relevant enough.

And you need to do the same with the old pages that you have updated recently or you’re planning to update.


Source: Pixabay

Now, if you have numerous pages to link, then it’s better if you look forward to such useful plugins like Interlink Manager.

8. Linking Websites of High Quality

It’s quite obvious that being a business owner you’d definitely prefer other websites linking to your webpages.

But if you have faith in my words, it works both ways with similar efficiency.

If you get a closer look, you’ll easily understand that if you link other websites to your content, they’ll eventually tag you back in their posts.

Yes, this looks similar to what we do accessing our social media handles.

And this can actually boost up your SEO.

Wondering about the reason? Let me tell you that Google emphasizes on backlinks. Yes, this is how Google figures out which is actually a good content and is deserving enough of getting ranked on the top.

And, TBH, this is the primary reason why Google encourages webmasters to link their content to other high-quality content pages.

9. Sharing Content Created by Others and UGC

So, this is no doubt a good strategy to opt for, but you need to make sure that the content you’re sharing is of super high quality.

And the second most important thing, it should not be from your own website.

It’s a straight and simple rule. If you want others to share your content, you definitely need to share theirs as well.

Try to keep in mind that, getting shares from pages is much more efficient than getting your content shared by pages and websites. Thinking of the reason? It is nothing but, personal profiles tend to be unindexed.

And this, apparently, refers to the fact that Google is not going to see such shares done from personal profiles instead of pages.


You must have heard of these SEO techniques back in the past, and that’s nothing like you shouldn’t have.

But that’s not what I was going to ask you about.

My question is, have you ever tried any of them ever?

There are strategies that look useful but in reality, they aren’t. And to get a higher rank through SEO, you need to opt for those tricks that actually work and that too in a lesser amount of time.

I hope you are satisfied enough with this list of mines, and if you still face issues, never think twice before giving us a call.



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