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Only a few years before, the social media manager position was not even a career or a profession. It didn’t exist. Facebook was hardly a year previous and was still simply a path for people to connect to other people online. The idea of social media marketing wasn’t inside the lexicon.

Fast forward several years and, every business should have a social media manager, no matter if full-time or part-time. They must be being a juggler at a show and keep many balls up in the air and make all of the lands properly. It needs skills that means handling many moving elements. Technical, logical, innovative along with some project management included.

Essential skills of a social media manager

It may mean being always on and monitoring your community. It requires being creative such as an artist but additionally learning how to be the “data scientist” In a digital era, the geeks may inherit the world.

Below are the skills a social media manager must have to have success and excel.

1. Strategic

Social media managers are marketing experts, above all. Indeed, they know how to incorporate Facebook Messenger ads in a marketing funnel. But furthermore, they understand why that effort is beneficial.

The best social professionals know how their work helps a brand’s marketing objectives, no matter if that’s building awareness or converting leads.

2. Writing

A social media manager’s responsibilities often include writing small Facebook posts, tweets, content, and profile descriptions for various social media sites. Since the key objective is to get attention and increase engagement, copywriting is a vital skill.

Expertise in proven copywriting formulas may make the difference between bland, forgettable posts, and engaging, motivating copy. Social media managers also have to know the best copywriting techniques for every social network and also optimize content for everyone.

3. Content Curation

Content curation is an essential element of social media marketing, primarily for those companies that do not have the time to make a regular flow of content by themselves. Content curation is a vital skill for a social media marketer because they should know when to promote, what to promote, and how to promote, in addition to being experienced with content sources and audience choices.

4. Communication

At its primary, social media is a communicating platform, so being a social media expert it’s essential to have solid communication skills that can flex to suit any platform, media, personality count, or audience.

5. Creative

Social media is all about making content: writing, design, images, video. Whether the objective is to expert the Instagram algorithm or develops out a YouTube marketing plan, brands should post what people be interested in.

That is a skill as much as it is a technology, so social media managers require sufficient creativeness and creative flexibility to complete the job.

6. Customer Service

Having a significant slice of customers choosing social media for customer service. A social media manager needs to be able to give good customer service knowledge. That frequently involves responding to queries about services and products, and in some cases, even offering technical support.

A lot of customers choose social media to get support to expect quick, helpful replies. When they have good customer support knowledge, they’ll be much more likely to suggest the company’s services to other people. Therefore, social media managers must be understanding, positive, and responsive. They need to have good conversational skills and the capability to interact with customers.

7. Budgeting

Being a social media manager, you might be given a budget to work. In addition to paid advertising, you may have to pay for such things as a social media management tool, designs, photos, or training to improve yourself. Having some financial and budgeting expertise can make you better at work.

However, you might not require to be an Excel specialist to know Excel, and understanding what you can do by using it can be very beneficial.

8. Analytical Expertise

Social media managers should be able to make sense of analytics reports from several different resources so that they can evaluate the performance with regards to objectives and also figure out what strategies are working and which of them aren’t.

Both business analytics like leads, traffic, and conversions and social media analytics such as the number of shares, likes, and comments created by posts can provide valuable understanding of the strength of a social media marketing strategy.

The ability to determine what posts and channels earned the most leads and conversions can aid in optimized campaigns more rapidly, which in turn, increases ROI.


Should you be strong in all of these skills to have success being a social media marketer? Possibly not. If you’re strong in some, you will do well, particularly when you also get some official training on which to build your brand on social media. And when you’re knowledgeable of your weaknesses and strengths, you can select to improve in those sections that require it.

Digital Marketing is probably the most popular market sectors to be in now. Using the rate at which businesses are turning to this market, there is guaranteed to be a skills-gap. Enter into this fast-paced, fascinating market. Earn a Social Media certification and get forward.

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