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In the current highly competitive international market where every business (whether little or large ) possesses a site, entrepreneurs are continuously under stress in enhancing or maintaining the standing of the business sites. They pick from various SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plans and integrate it to high rank. Can you know that SEO fad can allow you to get a top Google standing, or what would be the newest SEO strategies you have to continue to keep an eye on in 2020? 

Let us check the eight trending SEO approaches which can allow you to make your site a considerable share of natural visitors from Google.

1. Content is King

Content quality of a site has become the most significant component that decides the SEO rank. It can’t just draw more clients but also put away and divert prospective clients. Original and exact content assists in bringing more customers, whereas inferior articles may drive away prospective clients. 

If your site has precise and appropriate content, then the SEO rank will get greater. Along with this, the articles have to be detailed, well-structured and simple to navigate to the consumers. The content has to consist of the text together with components such as infographics to efficiently communicate any important info. Site pages must comprise backlinks and other ads for increasing visitors to your own webpage and thereby raising the SEO rank.

2. Voice Search

With the rise in the use of digital assistants (like Amazon Echo along with Google house apparatus ), voice search can be rising. That is the reason why voice search is listed in SEO trends 2020. Voice search differs in the text search since it’s more conversational. 

Your site must aim long-tail keyword phrases to update SEO rank as search questions are more. Besides that, your site content has to concentrate on the search. While targeting voice search, key words have to be substituted with phrases so google can get the job done easily and also the consumer may also discover the search results readily.

3. Video Marketing

Video is a substantial portion of SEO approach in addition to electronic marketing. Digital Marketing companies consider that a site comprising a movie is more inclined to show on the initial page of SERP compared to a website containing text that is plain. 

Consequently, we need to create YouTube videos which encourage the information of your site. Embedding videos along with your current web content may achieve the audience whilst offering crucial business info. You have to optimize your movies to get hunting in the search results. 

4. Featured Snippets

Formerly everyone needed to be at level 1. But today everybody is eyeing to have a better place compared to 1. As a result of this reason, there’s a contest to maintain position 0. If you want your site to be around top, you have to stick to the most recent google SEO fad i.e. Featured Snippets which has enjoyed in SEO trends 2020. 

A featured snippet is really a brief and very clear response to your search query. Google shows the featured snippet at top of the SERP, also over organic and paid advertisements. This SEO tendency results in a substantial number of clicks to your site.

5. Artificial Intelligence

This technology has been utilized in a wide spectrum of businesses for producing unique, customized experiences for its own consumers. Formerly, this technology was simply connected with robots and machines, but today it’s also connected with electronic marketing. 

Google utilizes AI to provide search results for the customers in a better method. AI has increasingly learned the features of that which makes printed articles precious or not. Thus, this technology divides these internet pages and decides their rank with accuracy.

6. Local SEO

Consumers typically search for products or services nearby and need a quick reaction. As an example, searching for a local vegetarian restaurant. Neighborhood SEO, such as Google My Business (GMB), is yet another major SEO fad in 2020 which makes it possible for customers to get the most relevant search results according to their place.

Implementing neighborhood SEO will assist your business to appear on neighborhood search web pages so that customers can get fast answers to their questions. Ranking at a neighborhood search can induce more visitors to your site. Thus, you have to maximize your GMB list and maintain accurate business advice as conflicting information finally contributes to distrust to the business.

7. Mobile SEO

Mobile is amazingly one of the elite SEO applications for 2020. Mobile web pages really are a developing trend that is becoming popular in 2020. The amount of smartphone users is growing day-by-day with greater connectivity. Consequently, if your site doesn’t have a mobile edition, it’s losing almost all of its customers. 

Additionally, the majority of the folks do local searches on their own mobile devices instead of on tablets or computers. Consequently, if you would like to draw the eye of a high number of individuals, you need to develop a mobile version for your site. 

Although only having a cellular site isn’t sufficient to get people’s attention, it has to be appealing, have an easy to read interface, and also capable of answering the questions or amusing men and women. Greater your position on the Google phone web page indicator, more famous will probably become your page.


Stay tuned into the above SEO trends and find an advantage over the competition. Know the trends and alter your SEO approach to boost your website ranking, promote visitors to your site and finally improve the conversion rank.

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Rose is a senior editor at Top Firms. She is a technology blogger since 9 years.She is a badminton champion at national level.

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