5 reformed social media strategies for different startups to promote business post-COVID-19

“Change is inevitable for a business to adapt to the new environment and improve its market position”

Business marketers are said to be the most creative players in business operations. The crisis is the real test of these innovators to prove their talent, which probably is defined by their actions. 

With the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, there are some businesses that have frozen their marketing while on the other side some of the business marketers have leveraged the situation to create an exceptional impact of their business online. 

Well considering the current situation as a new normal, it’s not feasible for the businesses to remain inactive for a long time, as it’s essential for business pages to remain engaged with their customers especially when things are tougher outside. 

So taking this as a note, and with a hope to get back things to normal with the end of the spread, below are some social media marketing hacks for business to get back their grip over their virtual audience and do a great comeback. 

Social media marketing strategies for startup post -COVID-19

  • Focus more on unique experience than unique service 

Quality service is very important for a brand, but if we look at the situations today most of the services like Air travel, Gyms, movie theaters and the businesses that involve the mass gathering of humans are predicted to be out of service for a long run even if the lockdown is uplifted. 

Shifting of the marketing strategies of such businesses from promoting airline services to travel and Gym equipment to fitness can be a great way to keep in touch with the audience and also build a sense of eagerness in them to relive that moment using their service. 

This is an excellent indirect marketing strategy where the strategist plans the post with such creativity that makes the viewer nostalgic to experience these things while imagining the promoting services like a pool to their dreams. 

  • Understand the new market competition 

COVID-19 has taught a great lesson to all the small business owners who still run their business with conventional offline methods. The surge in the digitization of business after the impact of the crisis would increase competition in the market for the current marketer to get back with some outstanding ideas to keep up the pace. 

Your audience might have developed some new interests and likings during the time of the lockdown, so deep-rooted research is inevitable for the social media campaigns to run successfully. This procedure is not only important for the newbies in the industry but plays an equal role for the existing marketers as the post-lockdown scenario would be quite different than it was before and the previous market strategies would no longer be applicable or would have lesser chances of success post-COVID-19.

  • Define problem-solving campaigns for your business 

Well, the next thing on our list is engaging business campaigns. Well before the crisis, a business promotional ad with a jingle and some popular faces could help the product get success while also helping businesses to earn some good credits for the ad.

But as time has changed now, focusing more on the real-life incident and connecting the brand with the authentic stories is what people are more interested in. So while you plan your post lockdown campaign, make sure you draft something that relates to audience problems in real life and stories that keep them connected with your product. 

Like you can focus on promoting hygiene while using your service, or how your service found an innovative solution to keep the operations open while maintaining the protocol of social distancing. Such campaigns can do wonders for a business if planned and executed well. 

  • Highlight what new you have come up with

This is a very important aspect of a business that has to be presented thoughtfully in front of the audience. The lockdown has changed a lot of things, from the economy to market needs and the audience’s interests, so this is the time when your followers might be expecting your businesses to come up with something new than before. 

The social media’s famous “before and after concept” can be a great way to kickstart the marketing just after the lockdown. Create a poster that creatively showcases what you gave to the audience and what you are planning to give them as a bonus after the lockdown will help you create an eagerness in them to stay tuned and await the newness that you will bring in your service. 

This is a great way to keep the audience engaged and would help you promote what’s new in the store. This is just one example that could help you divert your audience to your product, you can think of more such creative ideas that would help you connect your older audience while also giving them the freshness of your new and changed market services. 

  • Smartly planned offerings can do wonders 

Finally moving to the strategy that always works, that is offerings and free vouchers. As there would be a great competition in the market where your opponents might be offering the best possible things to attract customers, make sure you rethink your offerings thrice before you open it for your audience.   

You should be smart enough to plot your offer in a way that can give you maximum output while also benefiting your customers in any way. Like it could be a free healthcare coupon, direct access to an expert or money-saving voucher to be availed for their future medical needs. Implementing such thoughtful approaches could be a great way to earn customers while also keeping their safety as a priority and an attractive point for your business.  

Final thoughts

Uncertainties often turn out to be an opportunity for the ones who are willingly looking to make a mark. Taking the pandemic as an opportunity for the new marketers to showcase their talent in the reformed market, there are great possibilities for the businesses to bring out something extraordinary from their marketing team. 

Redefining the online business presence can become a way easier with the above tactics if the business owners and their team understand the importance of each aspect of marketing based on their business services and audience. 


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By James Vargas

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