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Simply having an aesthetic ecommerce store is just not enough. Ecommerce arena is so competitive that all of your product and category pages should cut through the competition to stay above the rest.

Ecommerce SEO can resemble a lot like traditional SEO, but mind well there is a lot to take care of when handling ecommerce SEO. A professional SEO services provider knows all important strategies to rank categories and product pages as well. Let us look at SEO strategies specifically meant for ecommerce businesses to stay up from competitor:

1. Write Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are something overlooked most of the time and that could be a major blunder in visitors bouncing back from an ecommerce store. If you want your audience to engage with your ecommerce store, it is important that your customers engage with your shop with creatively written product pages.

Excellent copy on a product page should be able to talk about a product unique from other e-commerce stores. Most e-commerce stores tend to merely copy-paste product title and description resulting in the site SEO going down whenever Google spiders crawl the website.

When the content copy is in place with the right amount of keywords, a catchy title, and a detailed product description, any SEO company can help you to gain traction. The reason being, people have so many questions surrounding a product, and with content talking a lot, a visitor gets to know everything surrounding the product.

2. Optimize the Store for Mobile Users Experience

Have your store be seen on a Smartphone as lucidly as one can see on big screen. Today, everybody surf their phone more than desktop, laptop, or tablet, and hence an ecommerce store should be as nicely seen on small screen as well. 

It’s been a while now since Google emphasising big time on indexing in a mobile-first format. If Google does that, why can’t you.

Moreover, if Google is stressing so much on mobile first indexing, this clearly mean mobile optimisation paves way for great SEO value. Majority online shoppers surf on their phone to complete a given purchase with a preferred product or service, and hence tapping a macro mobile market is of prime importance. An experienced SEO services provider always optimizes basic elements of a website such as responsive images and readable fonts to meet the Google mobile-first guideline.

3. Escalate Site Speed to Cut Out on Loading Time

User experience is a key area Google looks at when it comes to ranking a website and website loading time is one key aspect in that, especially with an ecommerce store. With hundreds and thousands of products being listed, each and every product page should load quickly, and that too with great ease.

An ecommerce site when loads quickly delights the users great deal in catering right information on time to the users who are in need of a given product or service urgently. Be fast with showing product categories and products, so that you are good to go with your ecommerce store.

One key step in assuring that your product pages load fast and that too without any interruptions is get the images or videos, present on product pages, be compressed to as much extent possible. However, do ensure that while compressing, you do not compromise with High Definition (HD) quality of pictures or video clips. Basic load time can be easily done but complex functionality to reduce load time further such as Gzip, CDN and lazy load should be implemented under the guidance of experienced SEO services provider company to run website smoothly.

4. Leverage customer ratings and reviews fully

Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay

Nowadays, people tend to shop online based upon ratings and reviews present on the ecommerce store. It is the endorsements of positive or negative review, which impact buying decisions a lot than you can possible expect.

Do encourage customers to leave their feedback after every purchase to know where you are going wrong and where no changes are required. Take negative feedbacks seriously and communicate with the vendors regarding the same or if your own product or service then work upon enhancing the same, and in case of positive feedback acknowledge how thankful you are.

5. Out of Stock Should be Handled with Care

Never ever list a product or service that’s out of stock. If you have listed the same, and then it went out of stock, then an appropriate message should be conveyed the same so as to inform users that it would soon be in stock again.

Any product or service should not point to a broken page or link as it might disturb your store image in the minds of consumers. There are two simple ways to deal with out of stock situation without deleting a product or service as it can give rise to broken pages and links:

Keep the old product or service pages as it is, and simply display a message such as the product is discontinued or no more available.

Implement a 301 redirect on old pages links to redirect to a brand new page displaying similar offerings accompanied with a message that the product or service you are looking for is no more available but we have a similar one to offer. These new pages can be promoted through social media optimization

Better to Hire a Renowned eCommerce SEO company only!!

These five search engine optimisation strategies we discussed need careful brainstorming and planning. You can surely do it in-house but that can take up a lot of resources, time, and money of yours to spend.

On the other hand, if you work with a fully-fledged specialized e-commerce SEO services provider company on the same, you can surely take your e-commerce store next level. Let a dedicated team of e-commerce SEO experts take away the entire headache and implement the five e-commerce SEO strategies to get your store ranking high on all SERPs above your competitor.

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