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The market is vast, and there are numerous elements to consider. Your decision has a significant effect on your online business, so it’s critical to give it enough idea before joining. To take a business on the web, selecting an eCommerce platform that covers an uncomplicated setup procedure and store management is a must.

Advantages of productive inventory management, installment and delivery, plan usefulness, and so forth will enable you to extend your brand authority on the web effortlessly. The open-source model has brought about a wide range of applause from the individuals who use it.

People often oversee these online store frameworks because they are free, and individuals around the world contribute to their development.

You can ordinarily discover lots of documentation and blog posts for guidance, and you need to hire an eCommerce developer. When examining and picking any of these eCommerce systems, it’s critical to choose the sort of development experience which you mostly search.

Top platforms to develop an eCommerce website.

1. Square Online Store

Square had on a fundamental level existed as an adaptable payment solution. Until it at long last chose to spread its wings by setting up a multi-faceted business environment. Up until now, quite a several individuals know that Square progressively encourages merchants managing organization cafés, coffeehouses, etc.

Fundamentally, the platform offers an extensive feature along with integrations that help organizations, yet also, eCommerce market sites. Everything considered the most remarkable element here is the ability to set up a fully functional eCommerce business site for free.


  • Easy to set up a complete eCommerce website.
  • While building eCommerce sites is, in reality, free of charge, the consequent pricing system is evident and ideal.
  • Square imparts an exceedingly diverse environment to third-party application integrations.
  • If you have a vast following on social media, you can consider enhancing your eCommerce business website to sell things on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Square is a far-reaching selling platform that encourages both offline and online selling.

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, and you need to install WordPress(open source) on your host, at that point install the WooCommerce plugin onto your site. It naturally turns any WordPress site into a completely functional online store, with stock management, coupons, and product pages.


  • Provides free plugins for download and install
  • Connected with all the major payment gateways
  • It provides several themes so that you do not have to work for adding content.
  • You can offer discounts and coupons, alongside including numerous different features with the assistance of the extension library.
  • WooCommerce is an extremely prominent platform which means there is incredible help accessible.

3. X-Cart

X-Cart has made more than 35,000 online stores, and this has been developing quickly in recent years. Similarly, as with these platforms on the list, it’s free, open-source and self-facilitated. X-Cart is an accessible and one of the quickest open source platforms available, and it additionally has excellent features for you to dive.


  • It relies upon the package you go with; however, you can regularly get full multilingual and multi-cash support.
  • ·You can integrate your shopping cart with the most respectable payment gateways like PayPal and Sage
  • It’s free and open-sourced so comparatively to WooCommerce there is some extraordinary developer support accessible.
  • The most progressive developers will have all the control they need with X-Cart.
  • You can likewise breathe a sigh of relief to know that X-Cart is secure and PCI Compliant.

4. Zen Cart

The entire reason Zen Cart was that individuals could build their online stores for development degrees. I wouldn’t go to such an extreme as to state that you needn’t bother with any coding learning, yet it’s quite close. Zen Cart is more easy to understand than a large number of the other open-source eCommerce platforms.

It may worth investigating if you need to scale up rapidly yet, you don’t have advanced developer skills.


  • Zen Cart realizes that security is significant and has given some incredible security documentation.
  • Zen Cart is additionally extraordinary for scaling up a store as its broad scope of features and full customization alternatives.
  • You can convey HTML emails legitimately from your site to leads and clients that you have effectively accumulated.
  • The Zen Cart community has been going solid for over ten years now which means there is an incredible experience available to help
  • ·Zen Cart has some extraordinary multilingual choices accessible if you are an endeavor store and you are hoping to sell globally

5. Magneto Open Source

Magento is one of the most prominent open-source eCommerce platforms, and all things considered. To begin, it has a more significant number of features than you can ever hope to utilize. Nonetheless, this opens up a wide range of roads with regards to promoting to your clients and making things like membership plans, repeating discounts, and payments.


  • It’s free, and there’s a paid version if you need to update and scale your business accordingly.
  • You never need to search for an extension with Magento, since the feature list is overpowering and is accessible ideal out of the case.
  • You can convey product alerts to clients for automated promoting. It can incorporate value alerts and back in stock messages
  • ·The platform gives you a chance to make separate multilingual sites that load up contingent upon the client’s location.
  • You can customize the UI and administrator area just as your store so it will look interesting

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