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Digital Marketing trends 2020

Digital marketing keeps changing, and there is lots of software that helps marketers stay ahead in the competitive market. 

As a digital marketing agency, you are required to adopt the latest digital marketing trends and strategies for surviving the competition. If you don’t do so, then there is a huge chance for your downfall in digital marketing. 

Here we will discuss some new trends that you can’t ignore in a competitive market. 

1- Artificial Intelligence 

AI is the most trending technology, and it changes the user experience. Alibaba and Mastercard took advantage of this technology. You can implement artificial intelligence in many segments according to the criteria like: 

● Content Creation 

● Automatic emails 

● Solving customers basic queries 

2- Voice Search and Digital Assistants 

If you are working in a digital marketing agency or running your agency, you will know about voice search importance. Voice search forces marketers to rethink their digital marketing strategies. Below we mentioned some prominent reasons which will lead you to think why you should think about voice search implementation. 

● Voice searches increased up to 55% in 2020 

● By 2022 45% of houses in America will own smart speakers 

● Voice shopping will increase up to $60 billion by 2022 

3- Chatbots 

Chatbots work on AI technology for instant replies to real-time visitors. You can make your customer happy with the help of these bots. Check the below status which shows the conversions and importance of it

● In 2020 more than 80% of customers will use these bots

● Chatbots save more than $10 billion 

4- Video Marketing 

As you can observe, the Audience shifted towards mobile from laptops or desktops. So, here is an opportunity for video marketers. 

As video marketers, you can deliver all information more creatively. 

● 39% conversion after viewing video 

● 60% of customers say they watch brands video 

● 60% of companies admitted video marketing enhanced conversions

5- Influencer Marketing 

It is one of the most important and successful digital marketing trends in 2020. Influencers are usually Instagram or YouTube people that maintain a lot of followers and subscribers who give them value. Companies reach them for their product advertisement, and it helps in conversions. 

● More than 50% of people trust influencers reviews 

● More than 55% of products brought because of influencers

6- Email Marketing 

Whatever services you provide, you need to focus on email marketing. People providing emails get more attention in the market. So if customers want to be updated, they need to subscribe, and then companies send emails. 

7- Interactive Content 

This means the type of content that encourages the audience to interact online. These interactions boost business and increase brand awareness. 

Here are some relevant examples: 

● Videos 

● Polls 

● Quizzes

8- Social Media Adds 

Presently everyone is on Social Media, and they typically go through over an hour daily via web-based media channels like Facebook and Instagram. So, on the off chance that you need to focus on countless audiences. At that point, Social Media Marketing administrations or ads are incredible. These online media channels have billions of crowds; that is why many brands utilize these channels. These Channels cause the business to build mindfulness and expand the trust of the brand. 

Organizations can likewise associate with the crowd and can undoubtedly manufacture a decent relationship. 

● More than 65% of people find products from social media adds 

● 45% of adult brands having social media appearance 

● 9- Browser Push Notification Push 

Program Push notices are an unusual activity offering direct commitment. Ever-increasing several organizations are embracing the Push warnings. 

● On the off chance that clients click on the permit button, at that point, you post something new; the notice will have appeared on the client gadget. 

● It provides more engagement than newspaper subscribers. 

10- Messaging Apps 

Everybody utilizes. Social informing applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and so on these applications will fill later on and will draw in billions of crowds. Clients spend more than 

2-3 hours per day on these applications. These applications have millions of dynamic clients who go through hours in these applications, so focusing on the crowd in these apps will significantly commit. These apps permit you to send a customized message to the clients; these give your business an incredible worth. 

11- Visual Search 

Visual hunt can take the client experience to a new level: People can transfer a picture to lead an inquiry and get more explicit outcomes. A Pinterest Lens as anyone might expect, Pinterest has brought on board with the visual inquiry temporary fad. They came out with Lens, a visual pursuit instrument that permits clients to snap a picture of the thing to discover where to get it on the web, look for comparable items or view pinboards of related things. Since the beta form’s dispatch, Pinterest’s Lens currently perceives 2.5 billion homes, and style objects have roused more than 600 million hunts on Pinterest’s portable applications and program augmentations. They have seen a 140% uptick from the dispatch day. 

Google Lens 

Also, Pinterest isn’t the just one with the visual inquiry. Google Lens is a visual internet searcher by Google, which perceives items and milestones through a camera application. 


CamFind is another visual pursuit versatile application that empowers you to look for anything from your telephone essentially by snapping an image. 

Rather than composing questions into a web index, you can legitimately look at utilizing pictures to discover comparative images, value examinations, nearby shopping outcomes, and so forth. You can likewise snap a photo of a film banner, and CamFind will give you film data, trailers, showtimes and nearby theatres. 

Bing Visual Search

Furthermore, with Bing Visual Search, you can look for a particular component inside a picture without experiencing all the flow bands. For instance, say you’re searching for kitchen embellishment motivation, and an image stands out for you. You click on a thumbnail result to get to the “Detail View.” The general stylistic layout is incredible, yet you’re especially keen on that decent looking crystal fixture. Wouldn’t you love to know where you can get one, only like it? With Bing Visual Search, presently, you can. 

12- Micro-Moments 

A small second is “A goal rich second when an individual goes to a gadget to follow up on a need – to know, go, do or purchase. “Individuals by and large settle on immediate arrangements inside these four Micro-Moments: To exploit miniature minutes in 2020, you should be the place shoppers are looking for data at the time – or, as Google puts it, advertisers need to “be there, be valuable, be speedy.” The developing ubiquity of miniature minutes implies that advertisers must reevaluate the straight promoting pipe that follows a set way: mindfulness thought and choice. 

13- SEO A/B Split Testing 

Present-day promotion is tied in with testing and investigation. By utilizing A/B split-testing, you can segregate the factors in your crusade and effectively recognize which renditions drive the outcomes you need. This type of testing offers advertisers an orderly way to roll out compelling improvements to their substance. Stages like Click Flow propose pages with undiscovered SEO potential — a high-impression tally yet a low active clicking factor (CTR) — which you would then be able to improve to expand traffic, leads and, obviously, transformations: Click Flow lets you set an objective CTR esteem. At that point, it presents pages alongside a watchword report that rundowns the catchphrases that your page is now positioning until further notice. Even better, it recommends important new watchwords that you should focus on to get more traffic. 

Inside the application, you make changes to the title, meta portrayal, title tag and body content, which are naturally considered your site. 

14- Omnichannel Marketing 

Omnichannel showcasing was one of the trendy expressions of 2019. While the expression may appear somewhat exhausted, the procedure is as ready and significant as ever in 2020. Omnichannel promoting is the way toward showcasing over numerous stages (for example, web-based media, applications, email and blog) so you can associate with possibilities on more touchpoints. When you do omnichannel advertising right, you can offer an improved client experience and a strong brand message that drives individuals to activity. To remain ahead, brands must present a consistent, predictable voice and message over every accessible medium, including physical retail facades, web-based media channels, on the web, in inventories and anyplace else you can envision. All directions ought to be connected in one widely inclusive system for the best outcomes. 

15- Growth of Geo-Fencing 

While promoting to individuals dependent on their area is the same old thing, we expect an expansion in geo-fencing utilization. This market is set to develop to $2.4 billion by 2023 – alongside the ascent of portable use: Geofencing permits constant focusing dependent on a client’s area. An objective region is characterized as a state inside a mile of an eatery. When a client enters or leaves this region, they get a pop-up message, instant message or another type of advertising correspondence. Exploration shows that of individuals who open a message pop-up, 54% of clients convert from sectioned push contrasted with just 15% for broadcast messages. Furthermore, 52% of clients empower push informing on their applications. 

16- Progressive Web Apps 

Reformist Web Apps are sites that work like versatile applications. They offer the usefulness of a versatile local application – quick burden times, message pop-ups, working disconnected, using gadget equipment, and so forth – without being restricted to one stage (which implies Android or iOS). This permits improvement groups to make web applications for any gadget that works simply like a portable application. By 2020, the quantity of cell phone clients is relied upon to arrive at 2.87 billion. With absolute 

site hits on portable expanding year-over-year by practically half around the world, versatile is more urgent than any other time in recent memory to your advanced procedure.

17- Blockchain Technology 

The employments of blockchain are more wide-coming than merely the money related world, be that as it may; this innovation is likewise causing a ripple effect in the advanced showcasing world. Blockchain dispenses with the advanced promoting mediator, assembles trust by straightforwardness methods, drives public responsibility, and offers benefits for marking.

18- Big Data & Deep Learning

In 2020, the world’s colossal information industry will keep on developing exponentially, which is fantastic news for advertisers – if you realize how to saddle the intensity of enormous information. A massive aspect of this assignment comes down to the devices you use, which many organizations find testing.

19- Google ADS Smart Bidding 

With serious rivalry via web-based media gradually choking out natural reach, paid promotion will become more confided in power in 2020. Furthermore, when you consider the Smart Bidding highlight on Google Ads, you’d be a numb-skull not to check it out.

20- SERP Position Zero 

In recent years, voice search has been causing waves, changing the way site improvement works. Most striking is the ascent of the highlighted piece, which shows up in the profoundly desired. “position zero” in Google’s web crawler results pages. 

21- Branding 

We live when buyers are ruined for decision. It doesn’t make a difference what specialty you’re in – it’s improbable that you work in a vacuum. 66% of purchasers state that they feel associated with a brand at whatever point they trust it, and to procure their trust, you need to set up a strong brand. 

22- 5G Technology 

In a world gone destitute for portable, seemingly one of the most critical computerized promoting patterns of 2020 is the beginning of 5G innovation or the fifth era of versatile design.

23- Website Security

Concurrently as protection, we have to refer to site security. At the point when a guest lands on your site unexpectedly, they’ll decide on your Security in no time. On the off chance that they don’t have a sense of security, they won’t stick around, which prompts expanded skip rates. I hope now you can follow the latest digital marketing trends for your improvement.

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