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WordPress Menu Plugins

The menu bar on a website does not just function as a navigation tool for searching content but can also utilize to get the visitor’s interest. In simple terms, showing a fully-functioning menu is usually not sufficient. You may include a visual part to make it more appealing.

Thankfully, there are several menu plugins for WordPress that you can prefer. Most of them provide excellent modification options and attractive displays without decreasing their primary function as the website roadmap.

Why a WordPress Menu Is essential

Wordpress Plugins

A menu appears like a map that guides website visitors within your website. And therefore, it is essential to the achievements of a website. It can inspire website visitors to spend additional time on your website, resulting in a better rate of conversion. Therefore, this is a positive sign to search engines.

Often, even though searching leads website visitors to your website, they do not remain there long-term and bounce away. That means that the navigation on the website may not sometimes be effective in guiding the site visitors.

In addition to offering a practical function, menus occupy a leading display space on the websites. They can create a website creatively eye-catching and improve aesthetics.

However, WordPress has several features that assist in menu creation. Its plugins can take your menu developing to a new level. These menus can show the top items on your website directly on the homepage, detailed with customized links along with a featured image.

Here are the best free WordPress menu plugins, and also a few paid types.

1. WP Mega Menu

The first menu plugin can get your website to a new level. Almost all users are surprised how much customization enabled with WP Mega Menu. The menu is ideal for professional websites looking amazing for its website visitors promptly. Additionally, the drag-and-drop function helps you to customize the appearance of your menu without any unwanted coding. You can include logo, widgets, social media icons, and modify the design and style of your menu within just a few seconds.

2. UberMenu

UberMenu probably the most popular menu plugins we have here. Besides popularity, does the plugin provide? Bet it can. For instance, you can include modern alternatives, such as Google maps, you can post grids to showcase images and posts, amongst other things. You may also line up your menu vertically or include several extra menus throughout your web page. The setup is too easy, only hover over blocks you need to modify, and you’ll contact customization alternatives. Finally, you have the Live Review feature, that enables you to view all the modifications you’ve built.

3. WP Mega Menu Pro

WP Mega Menu Pro is a complete mega menu plugin with pro features that may bring your site to a higher level. This plugin provides vertical along with horizontal mega menu choices according to your need. It comes with a widget-ized mega menu with a drag-and-drop menu builder to make the process easier for you. You can create a great-looking tabbed mega menu with this plugin that’ll interest your users.

4. Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu is an extremely well-known and vastly used WordPress plugin, it is easy however extremely professional and helpful. It offers you 10+ alternatives to create your drop-down menu, and you may place various type of content in it like links, images, widgets, etc. It provides you with limitless colour alternatives along with 600+ Google font alternatives.

5. Hero Menu

Hero Menu works with each of the mega menu material – images, videos, maps, and blog content, additionally shortcodes and widgets from some other plugins. Nevertheless, Hero Menu is likewise suitable for WooCommerce, which means you can include products, prices, and thumbnail images to the menus. Additionally, you can switch on search functionality and social media sharing buttons.

6. WP Responsive Menu

The WP Responsive Menu plugin focuses on developing sliding mobile menus. As the plugin focused on mobile users, most of its main features customized specifically to functionalities seen on mobile devices. Site visitors can understand the menus utilizing swipe gestures, and so they can touch their touch screens to zoom.

7. Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu is ideal for many of the more newbie users among you. This menu plugin enables you to develop intricate menus by pulling and dropping items from the WordPress menu manager. You don’t have to watch higher than one WordPress tutorial, and you’ll be prepared to make use of this plugin. Three extra facts you need to learn regarding Max Mega Menu: it’s completely responsive, it’s free, and it includes all the features you ever wished for the menu manager. It enables you to place icons and widgets into your menu, including click activities, and include transitional effects, as well as others. If all of that doesn’t sound attractive, you must also understand that it has over 100 customization functions, CSS3, and fresh code.

8. Groovy Mega Menu

Groovy Mega Menu must use any theme that developed following the WordPress coding requirements, also built to integrate effortlessly with many of the most used page creator plugins, such as Divi Builder, WPBakery Page Builder, and Elementor. Thus, if you’re also utilizing these plugins to modify your website, you can add Groovy Mega Menu and begin boosting your menu areas without any difficulties.

9. Superfly Responsive Menu

Superfly has many useful functions to assist you to maximize your website’s navigation areas. Because of the vertical menu program of the Superfly plugin, if you need to include space-efficient navigation to your site, this may be the tool you’re searching for. As well as you manage this plugin, one alternative for utilizing Superfly is to screen a menu icon in the top corner of your web page, that when hovered above, shows the vertical section that includes your site hyperlinks.

10. WP Mobile Menu

The range of features WP Mobile Menu provides to the table is pretty wide for a tool that prices you very little. Talking of which, WP Mobile Menu contains a multi-level drop-down function, nude header, overlay mask, background image, and logo. You may also customize the design of the menu to suit your branding policies specifically. Ensure that your webpage’s mobile experience is as first-class like on a desktop.


Choosing the ideal WordPress menu plugin for the website is challenging. We highly recommend you try the free live test of those menu plugins, particularly for the paid types. That way, you should be positive about this whether the plugin is helpful for you before investing your hard-earned money. If you are new in this job and need help, then you can hire a WordPress developer.

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