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augmented reality app

Augmented Reality is an emerging technology that is growing more rapidly in the current market. It is a game changer in the overloaded market of mobile apps. The reason is it can spontaneously enhance the user engagement by providing the immersive user experience. In the market, there are AR solutions for the problems that can be solved using augmented reality. Therefore, it is one of the most dedicated aspects of mobile app development companies in every sphere.

Augmented Reality can help app developers to offer rich user experience. However, aside from successful performance and outcomes, there are a few challenges that an AR mobile app development company faces. When it comes to developing AR apps developers face many issues that can be categories broadly as technical and social challenges.

Challenges in The Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

Developing augmented reality apps are somewhat similar to other app development but there are few challenges developers face. Though the AR technology is way far better comparatively still there is a lack of concept awareness and education related to major components. AR has significantly touched various industry aspects to meet business requirements.

Software adaptation Issue:

AR app development follows the software issues when it comes to the integration of functions like social media with AR browsers. There are compatibility issues with the recently launched devices. Apart from that, in present application architecture, there is a problem of not supporting the privacy protocols. As every device is coming with its own kit, there is a challenge in adapting to the developer’s kit.

GPS Readings issue:

It is well known that the ideal range for proper GPS reading is 6 meters. This range is enough for navigation systems and digital maps, but it holdups the performance of AR software. This insufficient for AR apps, therefore, it is important to keep the marker objects big while implementing GPS technology in the AR app development.

Sensor Readings issue:

This is considered as the most common type of technical challenge faced by developers. Due to the inaccurate sensor readings, the compass and accelerometer in devices are not able to filter the electric interference. Hence, the AR-based mobile app may find it difficult to identify sensors and shows erroneous readings.

Multi-user issue:

Augmented reality app development services provide a single user experience. This is the major constraint to the AR app services. Currently, there is the demand of the AR App that runs on bigger devices such as tablets, smartphones and other portable devices. This limitation prevents to offer AR solutions with smooth multi-user experience.

Public Awareness issue:

As AR is new and emerging technology there are a lot of users that still don’t know about its potential. Therefore, the AR app development services deal with social challenge. Though this technology is full of advantage for the users using AR-based mobile apps. Lack of public awareness is the biggest reasons for the slow growth of AR in the business in the current era.

Bottom line

AR technology is an expert in offering visual integration into a live video and user environment. AR solutions have created roots from marketing to education in recent years. This technology has a lot of capability to take the business to the new heights but didn’t become mainstreamed completely in the business world. Though AR technology is still in the nascent stage in the coming time it’s services will neutralize any challenges. Therefore, regardless of the challenges, Augmented Reality app development companies need to find out alternatives to make this technology the habit of users.


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