January 28, 2022

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Digipro Marketers has a publishing platform that allows you to promote your product or service at a very reasonable cost.

You’ve got the following options to Advertise and promote your product or service at DigiPro Marketers:

Advertise your Product or Brand at DigiPro Marketers


1. Header Ad Space

Get an Ad Space featured on the front page to gain maximum visibility, only for 60 USD Per month. ( 2 USD per day )

2. Ad Space Right Sidebar- 30 USD/ MONTH

Get an ad space at DigiPro Marketers blog( not on the front page), only for 30 USD Per month. ( 1 USD per day)


1. Content from our Experts

  • Get a 900 – 1,000-word article written for you by our team of experts with a featured tag[ 29 USD ]
  • Please note the links on a sponsored post cost an additional 15 USD/ Sponsored link

2. Self written

Do it on Your Own. It means you write the essay 900- 1000 words [ 9 USD ]

You will provide us the content and it will go for a screening process where it will be checked for Grammar, Punctuation, and quality issues. If all goes well the article will be published with a SPONSORED tag.

Please note the links on a sponsored post cost an additional 15 USD/ Sponsored link


Get a brand mention on existing posts (already indexed into Google!) [ 15 USD ]

1 sponsored link cost= 15 USD

In this category, we insert rel=”sponsored” link upon request from the client in the articles that are already published at DigiPro Marketers. We cannot guarantee do-follow links and the decision is entirely up to the editorial board.

Benefits to Advertise on DigiPro Marketers

  • We have over 1,00000 people subscribed on various platforms (RSS, Linkedin, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • We get over 10,000 page views per month, which include traffic from SEO, Social Media, Paid Campaigns, etc. thus, your brand or business can gain visibility.
  • We have a vast network and coverage reaching out to a population of 142 countries.
  • Your post gets promoted on our social media network.
DigiPro Marketers reach
DigiPro Marketers Reach

DigiPro Marketers Alexa Traffic Rank

Live update ( 15th May 2021) We hit a new personal record at Alexa web traffic rank. A lot of people do not take Alexa’s web traffic rank seriously but it’s much authentic. It ranks websites and blogs not only for page visitors or sessions but it takes engagement on a website as a key factor.

  • India : 19,653
  • World : 207,388

DigiPro Marketers Traffic Analytics

We know that many websites and blogs claim that they get huge organic traffic. Many of us even believe them but today for the first time we are sharing our search console analytics to prove that we get genuine traffic. Visitors search for DigiPro Marketers at around 140 plus countries and it’s increasing.

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