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With gasoline prices soaring and people wanting instant gratification, it’s no wonder that search terms such as “pizza chain near me”, “clothes stores nearby”, “gyms near me” and “restaurants near me” rank at the very top of Google search trends worldwide. 

“Near me” searches are growing rapidly, as people utilize these keywords to find products and services close to their location. If you are a local business that wants to attract more foot traffic to its physical premises, you need to start using these location-based search queries to your advantage. 

Learn how you can leverage local SEO solutions to rank higher for ‘near-me’ searches and boost your bottom line. 

Work On Your Google Business Profile

Google search algorithm looks at the distance, prominence, and relevance of a business to a ‘near me’ search before showing the user the best results. If your business isn’t listed on Google Business Profile, then start using this free tool today. Google uses the information mentioned on the profile such as name, address, and phone number, to attract customers based on their GPS location. This is why it’s important to fill in your Google Business Profile correctly.

Select the primary business category that best describes your business and write a business description that mentions your hours of operation, products on offer, unique selling proposition, acceptable payment methods, and other attributes of offering your business. 

Don’t forget to add high-quality photos that can give your target audience more confidence about the credibility of your firm. 

If you don’t want to take the risk of errors that can jeopardize your profile, then it’s important to outsource to a local SEO provider to create and optimize your profile for you.

Get More Citations

Citations from high-quality directories are favorable for your quest to rank higher on “near me” searches. 

 Find other local business directories that are relevant to your industry or niche and get your business information included in them. For example, if you are a car wash service provider and provide mobile car cleaning to residents and businesses in Beaumont, Texas, then it would be helpful to get listed in the business directory of the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, TX. This will help Google understand that your business is credible and relevant for these searches.

local SEO optimization services for a project

Use Local Keywords in All your Content

Optimize your website for local keywords that people in your area search for.  To optimize for “near me” searches, you need to start including local keywords in your content pieces. For instance, if you have a barber shop in Harlem, you need to use keywords like “barber shop Harlem,” “best barber shop in Harlem,” and so on. 

Include your city and state in your titles and meta descriptions; however, don’t resort to keyword stuffing as this can lead to the Google algorithm penalizing your business. Create local pages on your website with relevant content that your demographic will find interesting. If you are a global supplier of chemical products, you can create landing pages for the locations you serve. 

Mention neighborhood names as well as important landmarks in the vicinity you are targeting on your site. This will help convince the Google algorithm that you are a business that serves these regions. 

Get Reviews

 Reviews from customers act as social proof that your business is credible and delivers on expectations. This is why to rank higher, Google needs to see people echo the positive sentiment about your business on platforms such as Google Business Profile and others specific to your industry or locality.  

You also need to make the process of leaving a review easy. No one is going to bother giving you their time if it feels like a complicated question. An affordable local SEO services provider can help you find more creative ways to get reviews, including building compelling CTAs for reviews.

Backlink Profile 

Backlinks are the like the cheat codes in computer games that can help you dominate the local search engine rankings faster. 

Find relevant sites to your industry and locality that enjoy a high domain authority and pitch them a guest post idea. When they agree to the idea and link back to your site, Google will consider that backlink as a geographic anchor to catapult you to the top. 

If you feel that you don’t know websites that will agree to this, then it’s important to outsource to a local link-building provider who already has a list of websites interested in hosting your content.

local SEO optimization services for a startup

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is a highly experienced SEO expert working for a local SEO solutions provider, Search Berg. She helps local businesses get relevant traffic to their websites by optimizing their local SEO strategy.

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